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#89 - Dakafal (11/21/2012) [-]
If the Cardinals had a better offensive line, they could have done so well this season.
#145 to #89 - wuggum (11/21/2012) [-]
Cardinal's O line didn't do too badly during the Falcons game. Now It's an issue of quarterback.

Goddammit I miss Kurt Warner.
User avatar #291 to #145 - Dakafal (11/21/2012) [-]
Kolb was doing pretty well until his injury. If they had a better line, he probably wouldn't have been injured and they could have gone on to have a good season. And we all miss Kurt Warner. I see him like once a month at my church, and he looks like he just doesn't give a **** anymore.
#306 to #291 - wuggum (11/22/2012) [-]
Oh for sure, O line was absolutely terrible and Kolb was doing pretty decently up until his injury. But I saw a lot of improvement last Sunday from the tackles, so they are getting better!

Looks like he's going through his post NFL slump, that's too bad.
User avatar #113 to #89 - usmcoorah (11/21/2012) [-]
Same for the Eagles..
User avatar #106 to #89 - blazingpelt (11/21/2012) [-]
Same for the Chicago Bea- oh wait
User avatar #152 to #106 - YoshiBond (11/21/2012) [-]
The problem is, our O-line is non existent.
#100 to #89 - Ken M (11/21/2012) [-]
Or, you know, a quarterback
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