I'm out of here. .. i'm new at the creation bit out of here funn
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#4 - blueeyedpunk (09/19/2012) [+] (6 replies)
i'm new at the creation bit
i'm new at the creation bit
User avatar #7 - evilanakie (09/19/2012) [-]
shortly after harry graduated and was released into the muggle world. he had to hide his magical powers from the public, due to ware of a new threat that seeps the magical ones lives to power his own creation.
but yet he still had a few tricks up his magical sleeve
he enchanted all the fire extinguishers with a magical spell they use on broom sticks
the muggles ride onward into the night on there new found technology
-FOR tl;dr MAGIC AND ****
User avatar #6 - omensixsixsix (09/19/2012) [-]
Do not worry and have no need to fear, i am from the internet.
User avatar #5 - jokeface ONLINE (09/19/2012) [-]
"I must go. My people need me."
User avatar #9 - theroflcer ONLINE (09/19/2012) [-]
This was already in the comment section as an Abandon Thread gif long ago Funnyjunk
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I got to go, they can play quiddich without me
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wait what?
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