It Really Works!. Thumbs up if you saw it in color!.. thumbs up if you watched it a second time jus to make sure
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It Really Works!

Thumbs up if you saw it in color!

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Submitted: 11/05/2009
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#575 - cocoram (04/05/2010) [-]
WAGH! ********* !?
That's insane!
#574 - anonymous (03/27/2010) [-]
omg I tripp people out so bad with this, the first time i saw it i was high and it just blew my mind, i did it like 10 times
User avatar #573 - xXxemanresuxXx (03/01/2010) [-]
**xXxemanresuxXx rolls 015,561,205** i love stuff like that
User avatar #572 - janette (02/26/2010) [-]
If you stare at anything and then look at a white wall you will always see an image that is the opposite color on a color wheel of the original color.
#571 - anonymous (02/25/2010) [-]
Wall was brown on the right and yellow on the left. cool
User avatar #570 - RADDDDs (02/23/2010) [-]
**RADDDDs rolls 290,143,011**
if someone didnt see the colours, watch it again, but DO NOT MOVE your eyes from the dot
use periferic vision
#569 - sammyBXD (02/08/2010) [-]
its just a photo negative, placed against a black and white... the eye 'remembers' the negative, and when the black and white is shown, it merges the two images into one with colour....
just for those who were wondering
User avatar #577 to #569 - loopdepoop (04/05/2010) [-]
well we weren't wondering because it is fun just think that it is like magical or something. so thanks for ruining think for me and maybe for other people. welll you didn't actually ruin it because i kinda didn't read your comment that well but i know that you told us what the illusion was... AND THAT IS NOT COOL MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
User avatar #566 - YourMaster (01/27/2010) [-]
I had to watch it all the way through before I did it, to make sure nothing would pop out at me.
#568 to #566 - anonymous (02/05/2010) [-]
yea like that small witch looking whore the one at scary maze
User avatar #565 - thunderkiss (01/25/2010) [-]
#564 - anonymous (01/23/2010) [-]
you don't actually have to look at the dot as long as you dont move your eyes from wherever your staring
User avatar #563 - battledude (01/10/2010) [-]
I was able to maintain the color in ym eye until the GIF repeated =D
User avatar #562 - Jeronimo (12/28/2009) [-]
at first i thought something would pop out and scare the **** out of me
User avatar #576 to #562 - loopdepoop (04/05/2010) [-]
thats what i thought so i was ready to shut my computer.
#561 - theaceiswild (12/28/2009) [-]
this made me jizz my pants
User avatar #560 - ThePieGuy (12/20/2009) [-]
this iz wat happens when u divide by 0
User avatar #558 - SuperWeapons (12/08/2009) [-]
it contiues to have color if you dont move your eyes after it goes black and white
User avatar #557 - mayhmong (12/07/2009) [-]
Thought I had gone color blind for a sec
#556 - anonymous (12/07/2009) [-]
that type of stuff is neato! haha i feel like marcha brady.... jee willikers!
User avatar #555 - ThatCoolGuy (12/07/2009) [-]
#549 - anonymous (12/05/2009) [-]
Haha pretty cool, i was expecting some random "scary" face to pop up
#559 to #549 - anonymous (12/15/2009) [-]
Lol, Same here. I was gonna get my sister to watch it first so I don't have to go through the humiliation of ******** my pants.
#567 to #559 - koobztwoonefourtwo **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#553 to #549 - anonymous (12/06/2009) [-]
#548 - anonymous (12/05/2009) [-]
i saw it for a halfsecond then snapped out of it. weird
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