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#57 - roycleave (01/26/2012) [-]
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User avatar #435 to #57 - snufullahfahgess (01/27/2012) [-]
You would think.. that one of the most POWERFUL wands in the world, would be just (at least) a TAD bit harder to snap in half.. like, what the fuck.
User avatar #244 to #57 - aerosol (01/27/2012) [-]
"A piece for Neville Longbottom. He started out socially awkward and bit accident prone, and he still managed to become a hero. A piece for Hermione Granger, because she's one sexy motherfucker....."
User avatar #149 to #57 - uberteddy (01/27/2012) [-]
Why did he have to break it in the movie? In the book it said he will return it to the brothers grave.

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#73 to #57 - daubertroll (01/26/2012) [-]
did that to
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