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#255 - anonymous (11/26/2011) [-]
http:// vulpeskai . deviantart . com/gallery/25157395#/d2e0qno
*headdesk* hoping it works now. delete the spaces please.
User avatar #258 to #255 - SeekerofP (11/26/2011) [-]
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yup, it his animation, it is.
User avatar #260 to #258 - funkyninjaman (11/26/2011) [-]
yes it is. I sent u an email but u a message but u never answered. I thought it was ok, because it said that is was by you. Srry
User avatar #261 to #260 - SeekerofP (11/26/2011) [-]
...cab't really read it, but i wasnt the one who made it (rather, i was the one who remembered seeing it on DA, and letting the guy know, who is most likely the anon over there)
so yup.
User avatar #262 to #261 - funkyninjaman (11/26/2011) [-]
i gave him c\red
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