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#85 - anon id: ab016e38
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(07/08/2011) [-]
was he fappin it in the shower and then finished and then wiped it on the door???????
#104 to #85 - ClicheUsername
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(07/08/2011) [-]
Do you think before you make statements, or do you just babble on about anything?
#111 to #104 - anon id: f6a896eb
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(07/08/2011) [-]
do you think before you spray faggotry on funnyjunk? or do you just suck OP's dick.
#115 to #111 - ClicheUsername
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(07/08/2011) [-]
See, this is why you are an anon.

I do think before I spray faggotry on FJ, and then I dont do it, and leave you to finish off the job, which you do quite well by the way.

And no, I dont suck OPs dick either. First off because I am not gay, and second off, you cant do that through the internet.

Please keep trying though, I am sure you will make a logical and sensible post one day.
#90 to #85 - anon id: 8b1321d7
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(07/08/2011) [-]
its called soap