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#30 - anon
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(05/26/2011) [-]
LOL @ the people saying it's bad for the cat.

You srs? Having 5 people surround you while they hold you down by the scruff of the neck and back in a ******* tub of water is more traumatizing. It's also dangerous to the people who hold the cat down.

The water? Yeah it COULD cause an ear infection. Same thing with humans. All it is is a mist of warm water though. A bath would do the same!

And the fact that it's a machine? It's one of the safest out there. The cat can't even hurt itself unless it REALLY tries to. I'm talking propelling itself again the walls 2x as hard as the cat in the vid. They've even had the owners go in the bath first. It's that big.

Cruel? LOL. No. It's better than the professional baths.
#33 to #30 - samyea [OP]
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(05/26/2011) [-]
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