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(11/11/2013) [-]
Thing is...

Funnyjunk is like high school. There's some really cool people on here, but the majority of it's users aren't very bright and kind of 'tag-along-ers'. When something new and original is being posted, people won't thumb it up, because others haven't (Like 1200 people looked at it, and 40 people gave it thumbs up and 3 people thumbs down). At the point it reaches front page, everyone starts handing out thumbs.

When someone posts an opinion, even if it's a poor one, it really depends on what kind of thumb it gets first. Thumbs up, people join in the thumbing up. Thumbs down, people join in the thumbing down. People don't have individuality on this site. We used to have OC-makers on this site and people even complained about the crappy OC. People started making compilations of stuff they got somewhere else. Soon the compilations stopped, and people started posting whatever they found somewhere else. Now, everything is a repost and there's barely a single bit of OC on this site, except for this ******* emo bear.

I'd rather have we go back to making OC, even if it's crap.

Actually, I endorse crap.

Open the butthole of your mind and **** your ideas into paint