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User avatar #8964 - assdoreponyfucker ONLINE (01/31/2013) [-]
okay, i tried up the soccer club at school to try to get some exercise in. I've been doing okay, my crush is there, and i see her everyday which is kind of my motivation. But I've been in it for 2 months, strict diet of only breakfast and dinner, and also running a mile in the mornings on weekends. for 2 months. 0 lbs lost. wtf is happening ? I'm 14 5'9' 190 lbs
#9010 to #8964 - anon (02/01/2013) [-]
haha lol you're 14
User avatar #8998 to #8964 - jeyfman ONLINE (02/01/2013) [-]
your 14
i played football and soccer in my school and didn't get rib
tell i hit 17
#8988 to #8964 - iamphoenix (02/01/2013) [-]
Count your calories. Subtract 500 from that total, and make that your daily goal.
#8967 to #8964 - iaccidentlied (02/01/2013) [-]
What the fuck are you doing by eating only Breakfast and Dinner? Just eat like 1600-1700 calories a day and you'll be losing weight in no time. Chances are you're fucking starving yourself and because your body isn't retarded, its holding on to calories and not losing weight.
User avatar #8969 to #8967 - assdoreponyfucker ONLINE (02/01/2013) [-]
I don't starve myself, I eat a good portion every day. I eat lunch occasionally but only if i'm hungry. I'm not gonna be bulimic or anything like that. Maybe I just need to eat certain types of foods and focus on that.
#8970 to #8969 - iaccidentlied (02/01/2013) [-]
Then you're eating too many calories in these "portions". Calories in vs Calories out is pretty much fucking fact unless you have some sort of thyroid issue (and don't even think about thinking that you do have one). Whatever you do, just make sure you're eating 1500 calories a day at least.
User avatar #8982 to #8970 - assdoreponyfucker ONLINE (02/01/2013) [-]
User avatar #8966 to #8964 - lolpandas (02/01/2013) [-]
1. You're 14 and still growing. I gained a shit load of height/weight around that age, it's nothing out of the ordinary.
2. It's not the amount of meals you eat, it's what you eat during these meals that matter.

Also, what do you drink? Water or soda's and juice?
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