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(12/29/2012) [-]
I'm going to be taking my thai boxing a bit more serious this year (only been doing it for 2 months, but enjoyed it).
How often would be good to exercise?
I go to 3 two-hour sessions a week (W-F-Sa)
I have a 50kg punch bag, 10oz gloves and 20oz gloves on their way
I have a skipping rope
I've got gym membership with a semidecent gym
Also allowed to go to any fitness classes I want free

I'm also taking up climbing every other monday too, to mix things up and spend some time with my girlfriend.

At the moment I'm thinking of doing:
Punchbag - 10 minutes
Skipping high intensity 1 minute, 1 minute rest for 30 minutes (120 skips per minute)
jog two miles
shadowbox 5 one-minute rounds

Do that thrice weekly. Any input?
User avatar #8193 to #8192 - connorjay
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(12/29/2012) [-]
Oh and I know my exercise programme is pussy ish atm, but my asthma is fucking killing me too over winter. Beta male...