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#8170 - alleksi
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(12/27/2012) [-]
how the fuck can I motivate myself to do anything?

I know pretty much everything about loosing weight/eating healthy/getting fit, but I just can't get myself to do it

I'm around 180cm no idea how tall I actually am, just a guess and I weigh just under 75kg, so I wouldn't call myself fat but I am incredibly out of shape, I've barely had any hobbies in my 18 years of living that would keep me in shape and now that my growth has stopped, I'm rapidly gaining more and more weight and I need to stop that but the main problem is that I just can't get myself to do it.

I always think to myself "I'd rather just be on the computer with my mates"

this doesn't just apply to working out, it basically applies to everything in my life. Right now I should be booking driving lessons for myself but I just can't be arsed to. same goes for school stuff etc.

So how the fuck do I motivation, board?
User avatar #8197 to #8170 - lethaldose
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(12/29/2012) [-]
dude, it´s pretty ease , first 2 months (7 months ago) i FORCEFULLY made myself into dieting and everyday excercise. Now ? I exercise 1 hour everyday without even thinking about it, and i have a food carb and biochemistry database in my head everytime i enter a grocer store (well, i graduated in food chemistry and biochemistry). First month is hardest, then it´s just all goes down like a slide !
User avatar #8177 to #8170 - lolpandas
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(12/27/2012) [-]
Forget motivators for now. FORCE yourself to actually do something with yourself until it becomes a habit. You don't need motivation, you need self discipline. Just get out there and do it. I had the same problem all through highschool (probably not to the same extent) and it was hell to eat healthy, get fit, get off the computer, etc. I didn't even sign up for college until my girlfriend accidentally did it for me (long story). I just forced myself through it and over time it just stuck with me. It defined who I am now and I can't even imagine myself just laying in bed all day lurking the internet.

It sucks at first, trust me, but it pays off.

If you want a motivator, look around for something that appeals to you and make it your goal to reach it. I'm using spartan races & warrior dashes as a short term motivator, look it up, it might be something you are interested in.
#8175 to #8170 - anon id: bdada878
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(12/27/2012) [-]
lazy faggot
-you won't get girls if you don't work out
-the best job you'll get will be at mcdonalds
-your mates will stop being your friends in the future because you'll be a loser
you better get your shit together or you'll be living in a shit hole trying to make rent
tough love