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okay guys, here's the deal.
we have skeletal muscles around our ribs that (among other things) help stabilize the upper body (they also work as agonists for the thoracic diaphragm). It's those rib-muscles we eat as the spare-ribs from a pig.
I have a theory that, since they're skeletal muscles, or voluntary muscles, we should be able to train them. I haven't been able to find any way to train them, though, and neither has my teacher in P.E.-theory.
Does any of you have suggestions or ideas?
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(11/28/2012) [-]
The intercostal muscles are what I think you are referring to (unless you mean the serratus muscles, which are more commonly sought after in fitness).

These muscles are stabilizers, so they work out with free weight chest exercises most of the time, not so much machine weights because they work on one plain and don't require as much stability. Your general chest workout will work these out fairly well.

If you want something that specifically targets these, then there is a few things out there. The one that I know and works best for me are pullovers. It requires you to expand your rib cage and then contract as you pull the weight back toward you, forcing these intercostals to work.
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