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User avatar #7038 - jizzmonster (11/06/2012) [-]
Are there any good forearm workouts? I want really big forearms. Like Pop-eye forearms.
#7135 to #7038 - Vincenzo ONLINE (11/09/2012) [-]
Deadlift, it not only gives you legs that can kick through a brick wall, deadlifting properly means all that weight your carrying is kept in your arms by your forearm strength.
User avatar #7114 to #7038 - kztroll (11/08/2012) [-]
Reverese barbell curls are the best way to train forearms imo. 3 x 8-10
#7056 to #7038 - gym (11/06/2012) [-]
you should hit me
User avatar #7046 to #7038 - hybridboxll (11/06/2012) [-]
Wrist curls, reverse wrist curls, reverse grip barbell curls.
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