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User avatar #2945 to #2870 - vwanyama
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(07/02/2012) [-]
Best going for lessons first instead of learning something basic wrong then having to learn it over again.
User avatar #2934 to #2870 - rollipony
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(07/02/2012) [-]
Punch them, and avoid their punches.
#2877 to #2870 - anon id: 67cd9a83
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(06/30/2012) [-]
Head low, hands high, and your dominant foot in front: this is the position you should resume after any strikes.

Keep this position in mind when you do strike; if you take a rookie swing out and around from your body, you are vulnerable. Keep it tight and quick.

Always keep your feet in a position that will keep you from stumbling backward (never put most of your weight on your back foot)

Remember to breath with each punch, or you will fuck yourself real quick.
User avatar #2885 to #2877 - drewsky
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(06/30/2012) [-]
Are you sure you should keep your dominant foot in front? Wouldn't that force you to have your dominant hand in front, taking a lot of power away from your straight?
User avatar #2928 to #2885 - cookiedealer
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(07/02/2012) [-]
Dominant foot for right handers = left foot in front and vice versa
User avatar #2930 to #2928 - drewsky
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(07/02/2012) [-]
Gotcha, thanks for the info. I don't box, I just fight when I have to.
User avatar #2871 to #2870 - pleasureabledino
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(06/30/2012) [-]
When you punch, pivot on your feet. You'll get more power in your strikes.

When you punch, aim for about 3 foot behind your targets head.

Don't tuck your thumb into your fist. Best way to break it.

Hands up, or you'll get punched. Pure and simple. I prefer to keep one fist against my temple and the my lead just in front of my eye , parallel to the side of my head,

Don't uppercut someone to the nose your punch them in the temple. Both could easily kill someone.