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(06/27/2012) [-]

I'm 19, 6'3, and 175 pounds and for some reason I've developed some severe stretch marks on my ass. In fact, they're much worst looking than what my low quality picture phone can show (not to mention the terrible angle and lighting).

Can anyone give me any tips on getting rid of them? They're really embarrassing when I strip down.
User avatar #2976 to #2667 - starlightloves
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(07/03/2012) [-]
No one cares/notices stretch marks because everyone has them. You're hot, be happy.
#2882 to #2667 - anon id: 7e15b151
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(06/30/2012) [-]
hey, i would take stretch marks on my ass over my stomach any day. I used to weigh 280 now i weigh 175 with a six pack but the problem is i can't take my shirt off(i could bu dont). I have stretch marks from my belly button to my waist probally about 15. it sucks
User avatar #2668 to #2667 - hybridboxll
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(06/27/2012) [-]
Unless you work at a strip club; people won't be paying that much attention to you ass when you're about to fuck them. Don't worry about it.

Scars are permanent. You can only make them less visible with creams (dermo-abration doesn't work on stretch marks since they are "inside" the skin), however, most of them work very little or simply don't work at all. The only product I've found that worked for my appendectomy scars is called "Kitoscell".

Good luck and try not to mind the stretch marks too much.
User avatar #2669 to #2668 - hybridboxll
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(06/27/2012) [-]
your ass*