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#1594 - anon
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(06/14/2012) [-]
hey guys im joining the army and want advice more from somone whos joined but any will help
i am 17 5.11 and 81kl
i need to do 44 push ups/6pull ups/50 sit ups
im on 16 pull ups 50 sit ups (what a fucking boring pointless excersize)
i can do the 44 push ups sometimes but my shoulders/triceps wear out
how can i get to 50?
#1609 to #1594 - anon
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(06/15/2012) [-]
Every so often do your max triangle press ups followed straight by your max narrow hand press up followed by your max regular press up followed by max wide handed press up, that strengthens all the muscles you need to do a press up and allows you to work all of those muscles to the max each time,
User avatar #1598 to #1594 - lopaa
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(06/15/2012) [-]
Thing with push ups is its not just about chest strength it also requires good tricep and front deltoid strength so it would be an idea to train all 3. I personally do strength training and although i don't train my muscular endurance i have found that my chest and triceps are so strong now that when i do push ups i am about to do 70+ because it feels so easy. Its like bicep curling a very heavy weight, you can only do it a few times but then you try a much lower weight and you can lift it all day its the same principle. So try doing so heavy bench press both flat and incline to hit the main bulk of you chest and your from deltoids and also do dips using a weight between your legs if its too light these together with help your number of push ups.