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(01/06/2014) [-]
A few years back we had a guy come into our martial arts club, quiet innocent and very friendly guy at 19. but he wanted to learn to fight to protect himself, our first though was yeah he gets bullied or something, then we found out he was on probation and was looking at facing jail time. after a while he opened up to us and told us that one night at a bar a guy started a fight and he punched the guy, who fell and landed neck first on a glass almost killing the guy, he was up on some serious charges and looking at decent jail time but a judge let him out on probation during the court proceedings. he had to be home by 10pm and had to reside with a parent so he had moved back in with his mum, who now lived in a town full of people he didn't know. he knew nobody and couldnt go anywhere and as a result his girlfriend left him.

me and some of the guys from training used to go round hang out there sometimes and just chill, figured he was upset and lonely but never knew how bad he was coping because he always seemed fine, then one night his sister called us (we'd never spoken to her before) to say that he had hanged himself.

people who threaten suicide piss me off. people who say publicly that they are going to do it give me the *****....attention seeking whores, but if somebody ever mentions it to you in person. please try to help them. give them some kind of reasoning to not do it. but if it doesn't work. don't burn yourself up with that guilt that you could have done better that you could have saved them. don't let that chain reaction keep going.

then again....some people won't even give you that warning....
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Most people these days don't reach out for help, because of the attention whores. They get shrugged off or they're terrified that everyone will just label them as one. It's really sad.
#307 to #63 - anon id: aba8a29d
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Someone who truly wants to die will not speak of it. Those who do speak out don't want to die; not really. Those who speak are looking for a reason to live. Those who don't have had that reason torn away from them time and time again. Those who don't speak are weary of life. Most are accepting in their final moments, or even happy. They don't speak because they knew they did what they could and have no where else to go. No doubt lingers in their minds; they have made peace with their world. There is no hesitation in the jump, or the tie, or the pull of a trigger. Hands are steady, resolve is firm, a soft smile graces their features, knowing that a better place--even if it is merely oblivion, empty and warm, but safe from life's cruelties--awaits them.
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Beautifully said anon. You probably won't see this, but that was exactly right. Almost poetic.