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#27 - ledhendrix (01/21/2014) [-]
>gf horny
>bf not horny
User avatar #173 to #27 - treatedtoxic (01/22/2014) [-]
Yes all the time...
#121 to #27 - ryuktg (01/22/2014) [-]
Am I the only man pissed off that we are all expected to be horny all the time?
User avatar #218 to #121 - hesorama (01/22/2014) [-]
A few nights ago my gf and I were watching some romantic movie on Amazon Prime. It was her idea, it looked kinda lame. But she wanted to watch it. So, expecting it to be terrible, I sat there holding her. No problem. Surprisingly enough, it was a feels-y movie, and I actually wanted to continue with it. Meanwhile, she gets distracted by my manhood, and is asking why I'm not ready to go.. I was like "Girrrll you brought this on yourself, I want to see what happens to this guy on the tv." But yes, I was slightly offended that she just kinda expected it. We ****** in the when it was over.
#215 to #121 - Common Pepe (01/22/2014) [-]
I'm a guy, and I can honestly say that I'm horny at least 80% of the time.
#97 to #27 - macbookfan (01/22/2014) [-]
Being in a relationship for 2 years, generally really satisfied by my girlfriend, and being very stressed from time to time i can confirm about a 1% risk of this happening.
User avatar #34 to #27 - darthsalias (01/21/2014) [-]
apparently so
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