dont thumb if you dont want to. it is a repost dont hate on me. IF ONE OF THE FOLLOWING APPLIES TO YOU, THUMB THIS UP you are a boy you are a girl you are 13 ye
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dont thumb if you dont want to

it is a repost dont hate on me

you are a boy
you are a girl
you are 13 years old
you are 14 years old
you are 15 years old
you are as years old
you are 17 years old
you are 18 years old
you are 19 years old
you are 20 years old
you are 21 years old
you are 22 years old
you are 23 years old
you are 24 years old
you are 25 years old
you are 26 years old
you are 27 years old
you are 28 years old
you are 29 years old
you are years old
you have brown hair
you have black hair
you have blonde hair
you have red hair
you' re bald
you have blue eyes
you have green eyes
you have hazel eyes
you have grey eyes
you have amber eyes
you have red eyes
you have brown
your name is Michael
your name is Chris
your name is Jeff
your name is Josh
your name is Matt
you have a name
you don' t have a name
you' re an octopus with a top hat
you live in a house
you live in an apartment
you live in a mansion
you live in a box under a bridge
You' been dead for 58 years
you' re ugly
you' re a sexy beast
you' re moms fat
you' re smart
you' re retarded
you' re moms fat
you like bacon
you like sandwhiches
you like sword fighting naked covered in nacho cheese and
using baguettes as the swords
you think this list is too long and pointless and yet you keep
you' re a grammar Nazi
you don' t probubly care like for gramer
you are thinking of thumbing this up
you are thinking of thumbing this down
you are definitely going to thumb this down
you are a fan of paradoxes
you are a fan of pairs of boxes
you' re morn is fat
you are a troll
you hate trolls
you really want to stop reading this yet you keep reading
because you are expecting something funny to show up
you think funnyjunk is funny
you think funnyjunk is junk
you think admin is awesome
you think I' m awesome
you think I' m a freaking idiot and make the most pointless
lists and you are coming to my house tonight to do
unspeakable things to me, and then you will force me to live
in your closet for 12 years and when you finally let me
you'" kill my hamster and I' ll have no point in life.
you like boobs
you' re in love with boobs
you' re in love with me
you like pikemen
you like pikachu
you hate pikachu and deserve to be attacked by a herd of
rabid teletubbies
you are breathing manually by the time you finish reading
this sentence, you'" be blinking manually too
you' re legs are crossed and your left hand is on your face
you can lick your elbow
you can make a fist and hit yeu' re thumb knuckle against
your lower set of Teeth for a minute straight without
geeting dizzy
you' re wondering why the heck you keep reading this
pointless list but you think it is slightly amusing
you hate reposts
you hate Justin Ember
you hate posts dialating to Justin Ember
youre a ninja and you -
you are Chuck Harris
you like turtles
you are an Argentine duck and have a penis
longer than your body
you like reposts
you hate reposts
you think your life is going awesome right new!
you think your life just plain sucks
you live in your parents basement and you don' t know what
a life is
you hate reposts
you can divide by zere
you know why the chicken crossed the read
you like to open the deer
you like to get an the Hear
you like it when everybady walks the dinosaur
you think you just wasted about 5 minutes of you life
reading these
you KNOW you wasted 5 minutes of your life reading
you are going to post a clever comment and get thumbs
you are going to post an overused comment and get 85
you are going to post a slowpoke comment that has to do
with the picture before this
you thought this was too long and you did not read
So yeah just leave a thumb if ens of these
applies to you. Dem worry, I' m not trying to be
a thumbwhore er anything, so its all good
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Submitted: 12/23/2013
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#3 - datdudemm (12/23/2013) [-]
to answer your questions
to answer your questions
#2 - mr skeltal (12/23/2013) [-]
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User avatar #1 - hornack (12/23/2013) [-]
So a thumb whore walks into a bar...
For +50 thumbs I'll tell you the rest.
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