doing his job in Cali. arnold blackniger.. It's probably weed, so he's safe. Welcome to California! yes please
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User avatar #3 - vladhellsing (07/31/2014) [-]
It's probably weed, so he's safe. Welcome to California!
#5 to #3 - hurrdurka (07/31/2014) [-]
Then that's one massive blunt.
User avatar #10 - Epicgetguy (07/31/2014) [-]
Arnold is so god damn cool.
#15 to #10 - anon (07/31/2014) [-]
He is freaking cool.

If you speak german watch this interview he is so nice and sympathical.
User avatar #26 to #10 - teranin ONLINE (07/31/2014) [-]
The Steak & Egger Sandwich - Epic Meal Time w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger
#22 to #10 - vicecomx (07/31/2014) [-]
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User avatar #21 - datmine (07/31/2014) [-]
arnold ********** *
User avatar #1 - blazekingxxx (07/31/2014) [-]
Omg he aged hard
#25 to #1 - nywrestler (07/31/2014) [-]
Yeah he isn't exactly Conan the Destroyer anymore. :[
User avatar #30 to #25 - Epicgetguy (07/31/2014) [-]
That's a picture of him after his heart surgery.

Granted he still doesn't look very good after he started lifting again,but that's mostly because he stopped roiding and he's barrel chested.
User avatar #6 to #1 - blazekingxxx (07/31/2014) [-]
What the hell

i wasn't being mean I was just surprised I have not see any recent photos of him for a while
User avatar #20 to #6 - gameless (07/31/2014) [-]
Two things.
1. You replied to the wrong comment
2. I was just making a joke.
User avatar #2 to #1 - gameless (07/31/2014) [-]
He is 67. I think he has the legal right to age.
#4 - anon (07/31/2014) [-]
If you want to know what a cunt this bitch is, watch "Pumping Iron" and focus on how he's treating the Hulk.
#11 to #4 - anon (07/31/2014) [-]
pumping iron was mostly scripted
#14 to #11 - anon (07/31/2014) [-]
not entirely, however it was "staged". Meaning that the director decided that - ok, now we film how you pump. Now you do this. Now you have a lunch.

The only thing that was completely out of place was Frank's father, but the actor also said he got a real connection with him and went for the support with full heart
#13 to #4 - anon (07/31/2014) [-]
watch some interviews where Arnie reflects on Pumping Iron.

He did a lot of things to impress the audience of the movie, because he thought he will look like an unhakable, scary winner, who will do anything to win.
also he said he may have said some things wrongly. Then again, he was ******* young back then. I would say the same probably if I was the centre of attention
#7 - anon (07/31/2014) [-]
People who smoke cigarettes are so ******* stupid. I don't care if you're the leading AIDS researcher on the planet, you are slightly less intelligent just because you smoke. You loose a lot of respect just because of that fact.
#8 to #7 - anon (07/31/2014) [-]
Oh and before some asshole brings this up trying to be a smartass, this goes for Cigars too like the one in his hand. All tobacco products.
#19 to #8 - anon (07/31/2014) [-]
Fatty foods, do you know that cost the country more than cancer from smoking? If anyone is stupid, it is you.
#24 to #19 - anon (07/31/2014) [-]
Which is why I actually take care of my body unlike those other idiots.
#17 to #8 - Twithyiguess has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #9 to #7 - Epicgetguy (07/31/2014) [-]
The damn Cigar's not even lit.
#12 to #9 - anon (07/31/2014) [-]
It's still a cigar and anyone who smokes tobacco is a ******* idiot.
User avatar #16 to #12 - Epicgetguy (07/31/2014) [-]
Just because someone does something that you don't agree with doesn't make them an idiot. If they want cancer then let them, it's not your damn business.
#23 to #16 - anon (07/31/2014) [-]
There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to help your fellow man improve themselves. They are living their lives wrong and obviously need help. They're making the wrong life decisions.
#29 to #23 - Epicgetguy (07/31/2014) [-]
Helping others trying to improve their lives is nice and all, but calling them idiots on an image sharing site isn't gonna change all that.
User avatar #18 to #7 - listerthepessimist (07/31/2014) [-]
I don't want your respect

so I'll just fund the health service the universal free at the point of need health service and have the good grace to die before I cost it a ******** with dementia
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