didn't know it works this way. . Hello Tickled Seven months ago I made a post (original in the source} telling you all that I would be headed to Afghanistan for
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didn't know it works this way

Hello Tickled
Seven months ago I made a post (original in the source} telling you
all that I would be headed to Afghanistan for a while. Since I was
going to he left with lots of free time and little Internet access, I
took Tie} -:' s advice and decided to check out these gems:
Well unfortunately, I ended up the other way around. I had lots of
interact, but hardly any free time hours per week}. I decided
that this would simply be one more project that I promised to
myself and others that I simply would get excited for and then not
follow through on. Sorry, Tickld. I guess I' ll Just hang out on here
for the hour or have a night that I had free.
But then something happened. this:
Holy cow! My post made the Hot Page? My post made the TOP Page?
That was a lat of people showing me support. I don' t know if you
guys were supporting my project or my deployment, but whichever
it was, you guys inspired me. I couldn' t promise something and not
deliver when that many people were cheering me on. So instead of
slacking oft' yet again, I decided to go through with it, Na marathon
viewing sessions, I was Just going to have to do this one hour at a
time every night. And as you all know, it went something like this:
Wow, you guys warmed me, but the FEELS! Every single feel ever!
and when I finished with these treasures, I felt as WI had
accomplished something. True, it was just reading/ , but I
had accomplished a GOAL. so I kept going.
DIE, true neither of these took me all that long to get through, hot I
was inspired. I had tim' shed projects that I had started on! So I kept
I started working on my Master' s Degree!
I trained for and ran my first half
I invented a new statistic for
American Football!
The point of this post is that I never would have been inspired to
do any of this if it hadn' t been for you Tickles out there. Your
support motivated me to accomplish one goal, and then another,
and then another.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am on my way home
now, and cannot wait to land in Baltimore in a few days, but the
memory of this deployment and the things I was able to
accomplish thanks to you guys will stay with me for the rest of
The smallest act of kindness can transform someone' s life, even
if that act is pressing a green thumb to encourage someone to
join your fandom.
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Submitted: 03/27/2014
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User avatar #1 - halotalim (03/27/2014) [-]
Here, try out My Little Pony.

What? He said encourge others to join your fandom, so I am.
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