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#53 - robinwilliamson (07/06/2014) [-]
We have enough ******** on WE and FYI and A&E and MTV and E! and HGTV and whoever else putting up stupid ass shows and then playing 3 minutes of the show then cutting to 5 minutes of commercials, half of the commercials advertising the same goddamn OTHER reality TV show, as if everyone has the attention span of a broken toaster oven and the memory of a half-beaten 20 year old pussycat.

Nobody gives a **** about Storage Wars.
Nobody gives a **** about Shipping Wars.
Nobody gives a **** about the Kardashians' lives.
Nobody gives a **** about the fatass in Lone Star Fatass or whatever the show is called.
Nobody gives a **** about stupid bitch "Divas" and their ******* weddings.
Nobody gives a **** about some unfunny fat **** named Smo.
Nobody gives a **** about lying ass Pawn Tards.
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