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User avatar #5714 - xskullgirlsx (02/17/2015) [-]

Daviddavidson is using his alt, I cheatjews, to thumb himself up to make his shit-posting more obvious

Each of his comments are thumbed up by Icheat and copied the exact same comment within 30 seconds of david posting it
User avatar #5715 to #5714 - posttwo (02/17/2015) [-]
User avatar #5716 to #5715 - xskullgirlsx (02/17/2015) [-]
So you're allowed to use alts to thumb yourself up in boards?
User avatar #5718 to #5716 - posttwo (02/17/2015) [-]
Surprisingly his main is already vote banned :o
User avatar #5719 to #5718 - xskullgirlsx (02/17/2015) [-]
User avatar #5720 to #5719 - posttwo (02/17/2015) [-]
Yeah... not sure why. Time to investigate!
User avatar #5836 to #5720 - garymotherfingoak ONLINE (03/06/2015) [-]
what'd you find out boss
User avatar #5717 to #5716 - posttwo (02/17/2015) [-]
Here's the thing
thumbs on boards dont really do anything
if he used more than one account and proxy thumbed himself up then I could hammer down vote bans
but for one account and on a board? Not worth anyones time
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