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User avatar #957 - admin (09/22/2014) [-]
stickied by admin
FYI m8s, I check this multiple times per day. Even if I don't respond I saw your comment.

FYI m8s, I check this multiple times per day. Even if I don't respond I saw your comment.

FYI m8s, I check this multiple times per day. Even if I don't respond I saw your comment.
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User avatar #1102 - sewallman ONLINE (6 hours ago) [-]
Get less mods like this:

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User avatar #1101 - misanthrizzle (7 hours ago) [-]
What if group mentions was a thing? Like have the community vote for some amount of words/phrases that will send a mention alert out to anyone subscribed. There could be a limit of 5 subs per account to keep strain down.
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#1100 - youregaylol (7 hours ago) [-]
I don't actually expect anything to come of this but one of the mods told me to post this here

I've been told the current system doesn't allow mods to determine ban times and that it is all about the number of mod flags. This means that dudes who've reformed their ways and haven't been in any trouble for a long time might end up with 15 day bans if they accidentally break a minor rule. If you were a dick a year ago you might end up being banned for months after accidentally posting a nipple.

Heres an idea, why not allow the mods to hand out ban times that are limited by the amount of flags the person has and the frequency of the flags?

For instance:
WAM=within a month not including time banned (so if you get a 2 day ban, those 2 days dont count toward the month. Basically you have to go 30 consecutive days without ******* up)
0-5 flags WAM=max ban of 3 days
5-10 flags WAM=max ban of 15 days
10-15 flags WAM=max ban of 30 days
15-20 flags WAM=max ban of 3 months

and you just go up from there. Keep in mind these are only examples and that the mods will get to determine what ban times are handed out, if any ban is needed at all. They'll just have some guidelines as well as some limits.

it will give the mods more authority over ban times and prevent unjust punishments while still punishing frequent offenders
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#1094 - satanplagued (10 hours ago) [-]
Dear glorious Admin,

This whole no editing comments thing sucks an i would like to propose a solution.

Im not 100% sure on why you dont allow editing of comments but i assume its so faggots cant go and edit really old messages and **** everything up.
With that being said, what would be the harm in having an edit button that will only work for the first 30 -60 seconds after the comment has been posted, just so you can get those minor mistakes that slip through proof reading.
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User avatar #1092 - aesguitar (11 hours ago) [-]
PLZ Remove the autoplay video ads. I'm fine with having ads and having Ad Block disabled on FJ, but not with the loud autoplay video ads.
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User avatar #1091 - ubercookieboy (13 hours ago) [-]
How about a random name generator for Anons that includes all the past names used.

And we could like vote names to be added to the name pool.
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User avatar #1089 - tranquilizer (16 hours ago) [-]
Allow superscript number characters (this version of other numbers-> [ ⁰ ])

Also a profile description visible for users who aren't allowed to view your profile
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#1088 - nufull (10/20/2014) [-]
the amazon link is hard to find. or maybe im just stoopid and can't find it
halp, plz
User avatar #1093 to #1088 - fistfireace (10 hours ago) [-]
All you have to do is Google 'Funnyjunk Amazon Link' and results should pop up. But don't worry, I did it for you:

U.S. Amazon Link post: www.funnyjunk.com/No+ads+buy+from+amazon+instead/text/5268883/
UK/Canada link comment:
#1098 to #1093 - nufull (8 hours ago) [-]
thenk you, kind sire.
User avatar #1099 to #1098 - fistfireace (8 hours ago) [-]
No problem.
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User avatar #1084 - sewallman ONLINE (10/19/2014) [-]
You should make it so users can see how many FaceBook shares their content gets. Who knows, maybe it'll increase the amount of facebook shares for the website.

Google would love us if we had more shares.
User avatar #1095 to #1084 - adunsaveme (10 hours ago) [-]
can you explain how being able to see them would increase the amount of them?
User avatar #1096 to #1095 - sewallman ONLINE (10 hours ago) [-]
People know where the FB share button is, but they just have learned to skip over it. People pay attention to the views, time posted and favorited more than they do that area.

It's ad syndrome... You never click ads and you hardly see them anymore. It'd make it just a bit more relevant to share on facebook.
User avatar #1097 to #1096 - adunsaveme (10 hours ago) [-]
I see
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#1083 - sweetogreprincess (10/19/2014) [-]
Suggestion: unban shrekis
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User avatar #1082 - madamemoth (10/19/2014) [-]
more boards please
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User avatar #1081 - psychadelicace (10/19/2014) [-]
The the love of ******* god an edit comment button is so damn need
after you make a comment you have 30 seconds to edit it
Please admin i beg you
User avatar #1090 to #1081 - tranquilizer (16 hours ago) [-]
This but 1 minute instead of half a minute
User avatar #1085 to #1081 - sewallman ONLINE (10/19/2014) [-]
I don't know about you, but when I was in school and finished a test, I didn't get an extra 30 seconds to fix anything.
User avatar #1086 to #1085 - psychadelicace (10/19/2014) [-]
Well this isn't an exam now is it?
User avatar #1087 to #1086 - sewallman ONLINE (10/19/2014) [-]
People treat other's grammar like it is.

i luff u bb, gotta go.
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User avatar #1080 - Nahyon (10/18/2014) [-]
The Your Own Favorite Browser

You know, If you click on a Post on a users profile you automatically continue going through his posts and only his own.
So, is it possible to get this for your own favorites or maybe someone elses ? so you can check your own "best of" laughs or something like that.

Also, sorting your ( only yours ) comments by Thumbs to see your "best one" again.

Since people love to make a ranking out of every possible thing ( thumbs, FP posts, Subscriber, the usual ) this might be another thing to catch up and let people work on their reputation here.
i guess
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User avatar #1077 - joshlol (10/18/2014) [-]
can this be un-stickied from gb now?

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User avatar #1073 - topoftherock (10/18/2014) [-]
what do you think about a /travel/ board? there are a lot of users from different countries (especially europe) so it could be cool to have a board where people talk about travel (places to go, hostels, hotels, tips, things to know about places users want to visit, whats worth seeing/isn't, etc). could also help with people who want to visit the US.
User avatar #1075 to #1073 - joshlol (10/18/2014) [-]
the problem is people seem to be so biased when talking about their countries / other countries

I think that would just end up a huge circlejerk
User avatar #1079 to #1075 - topoftherock (10/18/2014) [-]
nah nah it wouldn't be a country circle jerk. the board would be meant to help people with travel tips. places to eat, sights to see, people should mainly post with questions pertaining to where to visit, tips for specific areas, things to say (or not say). the board would basically be meant for funnyjunkers to help other funnyjunkers out in their travels.
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User avatar #1072 - SirSheepy (10/18/2014) [-]
I think it would be better for the timestamp to show the actual time and date that it was posted instead of showing how long ago it was posted or just the date. or possibly the time, date, and how long ago it was posted (although that would probably get too long.)
User avatar #1076 to #1072 - joshlol (10/18/2014) [-]
I disagree

Time ago feels much more modern and nicer looking
though I guess adding a time to the date (after a comment is 24 hours old and becomes a date) wouldn't be such a bad thing, even better if it uses your local time
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User avatar #1071 - jaysnk (10/17/2014) [-]
Can I now or will I ever be able to change my username
User avatar #1074 to #1071 - hektoroftroy (10/18/2014) [-]
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User avatar #1070 - psychadelicace (10/17/2014) [-]
The ability to sort comments on our profiles from most thumbs to lowest and vice versa
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User avatar #1069 - wcpapier ONLINE (10/16/2014) [-]
i dont know if i need to be here for this but it has come to my attention that 'video games' is listed 2 times under image boards.
is there a reason for this or just an error?
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User avatar #1068 - adunsaveme (10/16/2014) [-]
Probably been said loads of times before
But I'd love to be able to remove an image from multi-upload content after it's been posted

Just for those accidental doubles