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**krayon used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **krayon rolls 66** +724 Picture +687
Thornton's fw. +637 I couldn't help myself... +557
Subtitles: "hemmagusam an gona fashunk mra… +505 Put her down? Alright, drop the bitch. +490
Real image. The smile still hurts to look at, but the hair's n… +459 That's a dumb observation. I say independence day, 4th of July… +449
A prank where no one got punched in the face or had their prop… +411 Picture +368
Picture +355 Violet looks baked as **** and her brother looks like h… +329
And so we went to war. +324 Picture +300
"Self taught, and not half bad. Still, your technique... … +300 Picture +297
Fixed. +295 fixed +280
**gloomyhallow used "*roll picture*"** **gloomyhallow rolle… +269 Expected a real mortar round to be ignited in a garage. Somewh… +267
Picture +263 Physics say no, Marvel says yes. +247
The only reasonable thing to do would be to apply a permit to … +243 >Captain America not up at 4 AM on the dot then doing a 100… +243
Actually it's coral blue #5. +239 Without England England would be a better place +220
This makes me sad. Little kids are not capable of rational tho… +216 Don't teach men to avoid rape accusations. Teach women to not … +213
cop: *slaps on cuffs* me: Ooh, you're into that , eh? +203 Picture +203
Damn, she's tough. +194 Picture +190
taking pride in anything you have no control over is for retar… +188 He fingered a woman once. Some say she never walked again. +184
>no facebook >no twitter >no instagram … +182 Picture +174
Help me, Ive fallen and I cant get up +173 With an ass like that..... Catwoman was a mistake... +172
Picture +170 Why are most college students completely stupid? YOUR BOO… +166
I still loved every second of it. +166 "released a statement insisting on its existence" th… +162
******* guy has the best wingman game of all time. +158 amidoinitright? +158
So all that **** Scout did at Expiration Date was all f… +156 Picture +153
Picture +149 Picture +148
Is that Tyler the creator? +146 If he's going out with a woman like that then I think he has p… +143
Y'know. I thought the same thing when I was young too. … +143 aaaaand wade flirts with death Again Probabl… +142
>Earth is rotating >Moon is rotating >Gravita… +137 Picture +137
Picture +136 I cant look at this movie without being reminded of shadman +135
As a kid he was my favorite actor. This hurts. +135 Picture +135
when you trying to flirt with your girl but you get into an RP… +132 that didn't rhyme +132
It's a selfishticken, it shticks selfies. +129 Does Death need an inhaler? Cause Death got tha… +129
Picture +129 >Not posting the full version of the gif from the boxset +125
fj is tumblr for males +124 YES HE DOES +122
Soon. +122 Picture +122
Picture +122 **sierramike used "*roll picture*"** **sierramike rolled i… +121
aww the sweet old lady at the end +120 If you watch one piece and get terminaly ill, i feel sorry for… +118
I wanted him to destroy them for their ignorance And… +115 **valourinfj used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **valourinfj rolls 00** +115
I think a lot of people would be disappointed to hear that fro… +114 Absolutely relevant. +113
Give that bitch a cannon. Bitches love cannons. +111 Don't you come into my public and urinate on my Jumbo +111

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