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Thank god my mothers' a crazy Irish lady. If she saw cops beat… +596 Not to mention Die Hard is actually a good movie. +492
the snowballs may have been cool but that dodge was ice co… +428 Picture +346
i might be wrong here but i think he wants a tie +281 > Playing Destiny > Can't touch my Warlock swag … +280
Muslims actually have several big celebrations per year equiva… +277 Picture +275
Picture +275 Picture +267
I may not like the movie, but I will fight to the death for yo… +249 I feel like the first post was the joke and he had to comment … +239
Virgin. There's no way in hell there's something going up my ass. +238 Picture +234
Shut the **** up and enjoy the content you fag +231 I was thinking banned... but then... oh god +230
Sounds like you didn't practice your slow motion moves nearly enough +214 Found it. +211
I love that guy +202 I thought you had made a huge mistake by posting this. … +202
**illegalnightmare used "*roll cah answer*"** **illegalnigh… +194 Passengers FW +194
Party on the back My friend made this side as l… +193 Picture +193
[citationneeded].jpg +192 if only there was some piece of equipment that could allow me … +188
Picture +188 Best one +178
Kanye, I'm really happy for you, and I'm gonna let you f… +176 Picture +176
Picture +173 Picture +170
Picture +170 >Female gamer >Actually being funny and relevant … +169
Didn't expect it. That was great. +164 Is this going to be another cringy thing like the darwin fish? +162
OK maybe I should have added a sarcastic clap or something to … +158 SOMEONE BEEN WAITING ON THE NEWEST UPLOAD JUST FOR THIS. W… +155
looks like you'll finally lose your virginity! +155 **** , man, i dont know. +149
NO **** YOU. I'M NOT DOING THIS **** … +149 yep totally true, tell everyone +148
Well if you're good at something you don't put it on "eas… +147 I thought at first it was an MRI scan of brain activity during… +147
WH40K reference +145 Picture +143
Picture +142 So what, there's 5 designated drivers? +142
Picture +140 Picture +139
Reliant to flip Robins are great. truely. +133 Celebrate kebab day. +133
Picture +130 The point of bubble wrap is that it can't be put back, you des… +127
It's just a joke, I didn't find it offensive and my incredibly… +125 Shamchat is a mix of being cringey and actually being funny … +123
the joke was kil after "show us your genitals" +122 mfw the last +122
Not as big as this ship +117 That's a thing in Brutal Doom too Probably my most used bu… +115
Interview this +114 i saw the pic uncensored trust me, leave the black bar ove… +114
I once overheard two women talking abut the Kardashians &q… +114 HOLY **** YOU MAD CUNT +113
Picture +113 nice +111
try it if you don't believe it you **** boy +111 Build a man a fire and he will be warm for tonight. … +110
**theycallmesatan used "*roll picture*"** **theycallmesatan… +110 Back in the VMA 2009 Taylor swift won an award and Kanye … +107
That's because you're weird. +106 Hey, if you go blind, you already got sunglasses +106
"YOU DIDNT" shut the **** up... +106 Dom. Duh +105
Teamwork. +104 You know he's MLG not because of that hardcore dodge but becau… +104
Congrats, this is the first post in months that actually made … +103 Picture +103

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