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Id prefer Celsius for eveyday use and Kelvin for lab use. +870 Let's better **** ? +529
Thats the sister to the Famous if he wanted to rap st… +456 Picture +436
Why celsius is more logical +416 >Jamal Swagkson >mup da doo didda Holy jesu… +383
she's could be anywhere between 10 and 30 years old +359 because if they are so big to where the restraints cant click … +342
You would think the next crab would go the other way but nope … +336 I'm able to balance going on FJ and having a healthy social li… +326
**centurionprime rolls 77** +325 Is that Kim Possible +314
Picture +281 It's pikachu! +274
It ******* sucks +270 day 17, they still havent realized i ate their kid +239
tfw the male stripping industry isn't as payable as female str… +235 Gay strippers can make some bank. +235
dont put her on a diet she'll squish it +230 Picture +213
>"No, only two of those!" Goddammit Adam… +210 >mup da doo didda Still makes more sense than feminism +208
Comment related to the content. +208 Touch an electric fence +205
Didn't know tunde could play the piano. +204 So why don't you measure temperature in dicks? +201
Ooh It's on like donkey kong now! +200 Even if this story ended in "They break down the door… +197
The original, unshopped picture +192 Picture +191
correct if im wrong, (im not up to par with my HP facts) wasnt… +191 smug as **** +190
Or it was cooked to perfection and eaten by passers-by. +188 who on earth prefers grape jelly over strawberry jelly? +186
Denver mentioned. Don't swell with any feelings becau… +184 It's literally FREEZING at 0 degrees celcius... +182
Picture +182 Bazooper +180
This is what a content would look like if it were actually good. +179 Why has no one posted this? +179
that is her mouth you retard +177 pet it's dick u would +177
wat. +176 Lightning is just lasers missing their targets and reentering … +176
it is possible +175 I've been on this site for around 5 years and I never read yo… +174
Picture +171 Picture +168
I'm sorry but I fail to see why they would play with one all n… +165 There's already a huge hole in front of him i think Sheldon is… +165
Picture +162 Well, since you're asking. Sure. +162
she wrote in Orange, Teacher confirmed for Hitler supporter +162 You mean... inb4 how dare i stand where he stood +159
**grayfullbuster rolled comment #188 ** : If that is a fe… +159 man he doesn't even look like he cares that hes turning into a… +157
>let's better **** +156 a rich whore is still a whore pic unrelated +156
man, being a dick to get people to follow your cause is not th… +154 Picture +153
Clarkson makes fun of Americans, everyone laughs it off, no pr… +152 I'm actually a little bit upset, I thought she was above that … +152
When I saw "Arthur" and "Longest" in the s… +150 ooooh franku +150
i was phone +148 >People turn their heads >Fall over >Win ra… +147
Ayy lmao +147 Anime +146
How I read it: "We can beat anyone....... as long as … +145 lolfatpeople +144
leave its cock alone you filthy furry +144 10/10 +144
Picture +142 Picture +141
i bet he is deciding if its worth stealing the other dog's food. +138 Probably one of the only tumblr posts that i've read and total… +138
North Korea isn't actually best Korea +138 Picture +138
When the cashier hands you your change and you fumble to get i… +137 Oh **** man, why didn't he just ram through that … +134

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