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I thought Funnyjunk shamed fat people every day of the week? Y… +1085 I got it all taken care of I called her a retard from… +1085
Other websites know we exist? Aren't we just supposed to be 4c… +851 Please, just let the puns die. Don't take this any fuhrer. +651
Picture +540 **Orc rolled image ** MFW I want to suck a dick. +395
>title That's because it was only shown in Germany… +389 A gif if you need it. +368
I know I'm not the only one who thinks Clark Kent looks like S… +353 Luv u 2 bb. +352
Who the fuck would try to tell someone that punctuation isn't … +350 Phanact's fw +349
>drunk >have fire on your face >expected to t… +297 the dangers of skipping leg day +279
**settantaventi rolled image ** real gamer girl +277 At first that was terrifying, and now the "because 7 ate … +269
> lesbian stuck inside man's body > stop oppressing … +262 She called me a rainbow dash recolor when shes a rainbow dash … +261
If The Rock is one person, how could he be on both Smackdown … +258 Picture +256
This was fucking glorious. +255 I fall for this fucking post every time. 9/10 would r… +254
4 plates of what? Meat loaf? +248 Picking soap up techniques. +245
I've been considering starting a 'dental privilege' tumblr, sa… +242 >Strong teeth >No broken bones >High calcium … +219
ur moms dildo +219 how are you guys actually falling for this shit? she's a b… +217
nah man. i don't see it +216 That's the Vatican you fart. +214
Shrek 2 +212 Picture +207
As long as we have Oberynt.. in our heart +201 if spongebob can show this than korra is fine, +198
my reply +198 That's even more advanced than Yuri Physics. +195
To everyone who didn't get this from the .gif, she's mocking f… +190 What a cat-ass-trophe. +189
Didn't know Hitler had abs +188 Randomly ruined some kid's life for luls. 10/10 would punch in… +187
Rage face on FJ +187 Picture +184
Picture +181 Picture +180
Picture +177 Picture +175
*B* nothing. *Hold B* nothing. ... *Ctrl* Crouch. … +172 to be fair, Antarctica aint got shit +172
Picture +171 BUT....Hitler was way more ripped. +167
For some reason, I was expecting it to say lonely on the insid… +165 Poor preformance!?! I fucking loved that movie +160
Picture +149 "I play Battlefield because its more realistic than Carl … +149
Picture +146 Oh God Look what she just posted. This is golden. +146
kinda stumbled here, almost (if not definitely) gave away he/s… +144 Picture +142
Oh my God do I try I took 3 long on th… +142 Picture +142
YOU ARE NOT APE! +142 I propose a weekly shaming schedule: Slut-shaming Sun… +140
her face in the last picture reminded me of this for some reason +140 Well, here it is... that exceeded my expectations... +139
Sounds like Kaceytron to me +138 How to Get Alcohol Poisoning And Die: The Game … +137
Couldn't the boy show the conversation from his facebook accou… +137 Oh god OP Seriously haven't laughed like this on FJ i… +137
Press A to grab fate +136 Picture +134
Picture +133 You are a complicated person. +132
Picture +130 My country is in the list. Swell with bad economic situation! +128
Best physics ever. +127 I helped my uncle Jack off a horse. I helped my uncle Jack… +126
Missed a fact - North Koreans are starting to catch on that ev… +126 "OOOOOOO look at me, I value human life so much unless it… +125
Especially bees. +124 <hfw killed by a flying tank +123

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