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I couldn't help myself... +836 Don't teach men to avoid rape accusations. Teach women to not … +643
Picture +625 Happy sober birthday +624
Picture +544 Picture +463
A prank where no one got punched in the face or had their prop… +454 "Self taught, and not half bad. Still, your technique... … +454
I wanted him to destroy them for their ignorance And… +428 ''Give ya lamp a good ol rub.'' hehe boi.. +414
Damn, she's tough. +359 Picture +318
I was so sure that wasn't a human from the shape of her head +315 Picture +315
Picture +305 Picture +304
Picture +302 purposefully harming your kids because of your beliefs, theres… +292
This was so intense +284 aww the sweet old lady at the end +281
aaaaand wade flirts with death Again Probabl… +271 'But dad, everyone keeps looking at me weird when they can't … +269
Picture +260 Picture +248
But the bible did have some pretty ****** up stories. +239 Funnyjunk version. +239
With an ass like that..... Catwoman was a mistake... +228 the man in the picture, prince Al-Waleed bin talal Al-Saud, th… +225
his love for lady death symbolized his deepest desire to commi… +218 Picture +216
***** das gay +213 Does Death need an inhaler? Cause Death got tha… +208
loled +206 See you on the frontpage ******* +202
Oh look, they turned the ugly girl into a pretty girl. +200 >scuse me love >yea? >tell her to go ****… +198
Feminist logic* I'm probably just being foolish here… +197 Just gonna leave this here.. +197
**baronbrixius used "*roll picture*"** **baronbrixius rolle… +194 Picture +190
I love this show so goddamn much +190 Chillest ******* cat ever. +190
who was the judge some kindergarden teacher? +188 I cant look at this movie without being reminded of shadman +187
Picture +185 Teach everyone to be good people. +184
He fingered a woman once. Some say she never walked again. +184 amidoinitright? +177
done it in like a minute in paint pls don't hurt me +176 Hi my name is David and I'm 1/16th native American. +174
Picture +173 I still loved every second of it. +166
My Ancestors are smiling at me, Imperials. Can you say the same? +164 So our independence day is April 7 in the metric system? Crazy +163
******* guy has the best wingman game of all time. +161 Green arrow is from DC and Hawkeye is from marvel? +161
**ihateeveryhing used "*roll picture*"** **ihateeveryhing r… +160 Lulwut +159
Give that bitch a cannon. Bitches love cannons. +158 **acivcrusader used "*roll 3, 1-99*"** **acivcrusader rolls… +158
I swear, sometimes I think that becoming this awesome requires… +158 That's my favorite too +157
I'll just leave this here. Yes it's … +157 Why would you buy 99 iPhones for a proposal? What do you do wi… +155
Picture +151 Thats pretty ******* hardcore +151
Picture +150 Are we rushing in? or are we going sneaky beaky… +148
Deliberately leaves it at a cliffhanger for 2 MOTHERCUNTING YEARS +148 Anyone else have anymore death booty? +147
MFW you guys don't murder people and sacrifice them to to glor… +146 Srs though nice comic. Good message +144
It never ends +144 The best one +143
heres a better song +143 Thought we wouldn't notice, but we did. +142
#6: Glad to see we're all already following this tip. +142 Cringe comp? +137
when you trying to flirt with your girl but you get into an RP… +135 What I feel like playing support on League. +135

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