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The sudden realization that the guy's wife is dead. +402 Or alternatively he's REALLY good. +398
**economic rolled image ** *roll 6* +398 "Don't worry mister, I'm holding an everstone. I'm actual… +394
when he drops it +382 MEANWHILE IN REAL LIFE: "Were you just looking a… +381
**partycats rolls 00** look at my girth +377 **matexius rolls 000** Here goes everything... +353
Oh wait, Im retarded +352 ******** ! Trust is so easy to loose... +344
War never changes, and neither does the game engine. +305 TOLD STATUS: [ ] NOT TOLD [x] TOLD [x] *… +304
that's your penis +293 This is entirely physics-based and has no mechanical parts at all. +293
YFW it works +292 4chan to 9gag Drgonball to my little pony Feminism to … +292
Plot twist. +287 Damn Dave Grohl, what happend? +269
Ruh-roh +261 HAHAHA! Got my g/f! She never saw it coming, LOLs. +257
**sackit rolls 6** I rolled 6 +254 **scorpidea rolls 999,789** +251
its definitely a funny show, but andy makes the show so much better +246 I better put up the warning before someone does something stup… +245
Say whatever you want about this man, but this quote is a pret… +245 the flash .2 seconds later +242
help us become more classy **** = intens… +237 Thermostat +232
This is ********* , women wear makeup because they… +225 Picture +215
Picture +209 Picture +208
The Dutch had Robin, Argentina's got Messi, Portugal has Ronal… +207 Picture +207
"Did you enjoy the content? Why not send a friend req… +205 **planedisaster rolls 999** Bitch this is how you do it. +204
Change random, more or less common words to huge copypastas, t… +199 Picture +197
Or in any ****** +194 hes alpha as **** +189
The dog gets me every time. +189 Picture +186
**cantfindaname rolls 999,921** +181 Picture +176
Picture +174 I love these HD Skyrim mods... wait a minute... +172
Season 9, episode 9; "Realty Bites" +172 YOU'VE JUST MADE AN ENEMY FOR LIFE +170
Physics are for ******* +168 How Fox News thinks Anonymous works. +168
I have the weirdest boner. +166 Best part +165
This is one of the largest amount of bullcrap i have ever seen… +164 We can turn people into dragons. +163
Picture +162 He can't stop shaking. He's got the music in him. +161
Introducing....the double-decker couch +159 Picture +151
Picture +150 Yeah i have no idea what he's trying to say guys. +150
"Life isn't fair." +147 rekt +145
cant trust anyone, not even myself +139 mfw woman that try to force man to ignore millions of years of… +137
my mom used to do this to me. she would go to the movies and s… +137 **juha rolls 00** muh dubs +136
Picture +135 Glorified Badass +135
**anonymous rolls 333** +132 change "your" to "you're* and "you're* to … +132
Picture +129 his wife is dead, and since he was about to kill the other two… +126
Woods and Enjoyment. +126 He'll wait till after he kills his wife then. +125
Picture +125 always relevant on myth busters content +124
** grimmwaters rolls Royce** wat +123 **braindeadmetalhead... rolls 77** i can roll dubs. its easy. +122

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