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I hope that in the future, some historian finds this letter an… +713 not cool brah +592
skills off the chart +538 ******* lost it at ayy lmao +521
It's almost as if someone wrote this down for him to read befo… +475 ******* white knights. +438
the slim jong il +384 They basically ******* suffocated someone on a ki… +366
Just pick one and go for it. Then later, check to see if you w… +349 So it's stuck in a rock? +347
obviously it was a mod, there are no dragons in Skyrim, not si… +346 >People who have poorly deep perception +340
Cho was Potter's girlfriend, so he's done that. Ginny currentl… +284 I swear to god, these bitches started nearly every sentence wi… +281
Picture +274 Picture +273
Zoe, you cannot penetrate our wall of ECH. +269 That was a rollercoaster of events. 10/10 would let them write… +269
I'd review games for free addy Here's a sample: C… +262 Give it time +261
"This is why we don't have you over for thanksgiving, Fre… +258 I either hate or love Jaden Smith. There is NO middleground for me +251
I named mine Obscure Reference. Because no one gets it... +239 Zoe,40 years after becoming the ceo of EA games +238
Picture +232 Landwhales bring disgrace to the shape that is the sphere +227
Picture +226 The men mind-raped her, which should be just as illegal as phy… +219
did she **** you too +218 thank god, that would have kept me up all night wondering what… +218
simon pegg +218 "You see son, when a dog and a frog love each other very … +217
Just so you like... know +213 Picture +213
Will the real slim shady please stand up.. +210 id like to have his voice for my gps. when possible, make a u-… +205
my favorite +194 **Nihatclodra rolls 77** Sir Tickle-Snatch +189
"send your info into me" +184 Very nice Since I'm thumb banned like everyone else, … +182
Women compliment each others breast Guys compliment on who… +172 **kaw rolled user admin ** <- him +172
Picture +168 And Malfoy would be Daddy Issues. +167
Picture +166 The guy on the left celebrates like a girl. +165
too bad im not an otherkin. that uh...that kind of bl… +165 The Dark Knight. it rises. hue. +163
You can mutilate your sexual organs, but it doesn't change you… +163 I love this man more and more with each passing day. +162
**fiftyshadesofgus rolls 4** here. +161 But OP.... GMA stands for Grandma! +160
Weaklings. I can still move. +158 "Gargling chunky vaginal discharge Muslims" +156
10/10 Would watch. +155 Does this mean we can get free sex. I heard game journalists g… +155
Out of all the comments i've seen on this site, that was the worst +154 Picture +152
Now I'm living in a world where Charlie Sheen AND 50 Cent have… +150 I think that's called a 'breakup'. +147
and proud son +147 I was really worried this was a serious response from an actua… +146
10/10 would buy hoodie. +145 This is infinitely better than the resignation letter one. … +141
"No, I didn't name my penis" +139 In a perfect world, we all have gfs. +139
He's slowly becoming funny. Idk if it's on purpose or not tho +138 If Benders did this constantly then Amon would probably have b… +138
Probs, unless she dies during 9/11, but I don't see that happe… +137 I could make myself more attractive i guess +137
Did they die? the drop wasn't even that high +135 Shrek +131
See this **** ? It is one ****** wort… +130 that was pretty smooth though. A breathtaking approach +128
Booty had me like +128 **nagafever rolls 12** heard u leik 12 +128
It's both horrifying and adorable at the same time. +121 to all my friends from school +120
That took a big twist at the very end. +120 Picture +120

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