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Picture +702 so it does something +626
Picture +504 Picture +502
not ok man +414 >Have sex with girl doggy style >Tell her you're abo… +389
Look at all that funny. +373 The true Social Justice Warriors. +348
Picture +342 I can already hear their cries in the distance +340
Picture +332 "Honey you're not taking that cock deep enough, here I'll… +312
Picture +292 For all you saying she's attractive.... She's a black and whit… +292
i know ample breasts are called plot so im thinking why do… +278 You're right, english can be very strange when you deliberatel… +277
Picture +270 and then they ate the dog. +262
Picture +262 Only if you're a casual... +258
Well, it looks like we're going on a witchhunt. +249 hfw he told them he wasnt a terrorist +241
**shallowandpedantic...... used "*roll picture*"** **shallo… +224 -In the middle of a scene "Oh yes daddy harder!~"… +221
only fags go to fj +216 Holy **** , that'd be a weird movie to watch in IMAX. … +216
The ground shakes with their every step. +213 Never thought I would ever use this +209
Picture +209 **** +207
Release.....Me..... +205 FJ has become a very close community. I'm proud of this +199
going straight to hell. +199 Picture +194
If you bet 100 dollars and then hold up an empty wallet, it d… +190 you tried, but too hard. +189
I'm going to college to become a cop so I can shoot a black ma… +187 ew ***** +187
10 minutes in paint +183 Who the **** just originally typed that in. +181
You sound like you patched a Ubisoft game. +179 Picture +176
I think that is a clear indicator of why she went into porn in… +176 Picture +176
what kind of sick **** pees in the shower? +174 SINCE WE'RE ON THE ******* SUBJECT >16, first jo… +173
THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD STOP SITTING AROUND HATING STUPID BIT… +172 You forgot the part of the post where he rolls the window down… +170
>Working at toys r us express seasonal for winter. >… +167 While they do tend to focus on "Haha, we're black" … +165
Picture +162 meanwhile OP's company be like +159
uberfacts seem like the least reputable facts. +158 Disregard memegenerator watermark +155
This. This is what we have the death sentence for. +154 at least there's some cool fat people. +152
It's really great that they wouldn't tolerate the **** … +151 No you were the faggot that did the stupid penis drawing on th… +149
Soooooooooowhat happens when the dude who's slamming her from … +148 Tackle from behind Studs out No contact with ball … +147
with that i could buy a blow from your mom and still have $656… +146 Hello darkness my old friend ♫ +146
Picture +145 Only Gamestop related thing I have +144
When you find that dank Black Tweet and you just have to save it +143 where do i auction off my virginity to the hottest bidder? +143
I mean, you laugh, but there are people who legitimately act… +142 stuck stuck under the mounting pressure of exams and … +141
I honestly don't give a **** if a woman breastfeeds in … +139 I hate the Dishonored one every time I see it because there is… +136
Bees can tan +135 Picture +130
1: Get a pet lemur 2: Name it Solaire of Astora 3: Profit +130 That Bioshock Infinite one should be a gif. +130
meet potatoe +130 Picture +128
I don't get why historically, people are usually only lynched … +128 Picture +127
very unprofessional for lorde to do this +127 "Blonde gets ****** by a Big Black Cock while Dadd… +126

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