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They'd probably bounce off each other a little +929 She looks like gaben if she has glasses +608
"You bastard, it's against my religion" "So… +508 and txt is an abbreviation of "text", what's your point? +501
I want to spray it on myself and become invincible! +493 Found the Social Justice Warrior. +445
What the **** did you just do +432 It had to be done. I'm sorry. +407
Why is it always the black ants that have to do the heavy lift… +389 im sorry +387
Digi.Mon +371 that happened to me once my mom sent me to live with my u… +362
A pile of rejects describes us +357 **ultimateasshole rolled image ** what im amazed by +349
Here you go. +301 I tried the same thing with a skeleton arm. The docto… +300
Picture +294 what if you smash two coated objects together +273
Can we please stop downvoting people for saying TL;DR ? This i… +273 Lead ant's face +271
Man what the **** are you talking about? The part… +259 Your fridge is now part of Israel and no UN resolution will ch… +259
Make phones form that stuff please. +256 How could that stand up in court?! Look how hideous is she is!… +254
looks like the illumiati's plans just got foiled +246 you aren't very bright, are you? +245
Picture +240 50 eh? +235
I read the whole thing. And dammit, I am kindof proud ther… +230 Take evasive maneuvers. +221
trying to ruin someones entire life because you suck at school… +218 he's like 6 +217
dragondildo, shove it in your ass when its done printing +217 Article in a nutshell: 4CHAN HAS A CUTE NEW MASCOT!… +216
I can't find it, so I made this for you. OC, do… +214 Ironic Flash would say something about imprisoning someone for… +208
South park isn't racist in the slightest. It makes fun of … +201 Coat your dick with it. +198
OH **** ME +196 Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it just an abbreviation of … +186
phew, good thing im a rich white straight cis man. that was scary +186 I sure am glad those ants are giving that worm a helping hand … +185
Wonder how the saviour feels, knowing he saved a man who becam… +183 Funnyjunk mentioned, swell with reposts and amazon ads +182
Picture +181 All hail dickbutt +176
she looks stoned, but then again, you sorta gotta be to eat 30… +172 well that'd would be a nice justification to an otherwise reta… +171
i knew ants could make like bridges, but i didn't know they co… +168 YOU CAN'T DISTRACT ME YOU CLOWN +166
It's about losing with style. +164 I remember my first breadstick +164
coon = pejorative slang term for ****** … +162 ☐ Not REKT ☑ REKT ☑ REKTangle ☑ SHREKT … +161
i would **** that sand sculptures ass so hard it … +159 and proms tomorrow +158
Red ones don't have any land to pull anything across, just som… +155 It has our colors. +154
every group project in school ever +153 Eh, not long enough. Should've gotten the same sentence the bo… +149
Well sweet Pacific Rim-job, look at you, Yeager! You're all l… +149 >1 galaxy stretching further than you can imagine >w… +149
Well there goes my weekend +144 I don't think she uses those pokemon for fighting.. +144
but that's just one Timelord +143 Picture +139
**travrob rolled image ** what amazes me +139 the second murder was the cat +138
Pacific Rim in a .gif +138 STOP OPPRESSING ME! +137
So, basically... Try not to be a cunt. Or the aliens will … +134 i read the whole thing and i dont regret it +133
The Pole and Ball, hue +133 The title made me expect something else. +133
Every one knows "that guy" who don't help for … +131 oh **** , im late for work +128
I wouldn't say that +122 <MFW when someone cuts the line +122
HELP!!! THE TREE IS ABSORBING ME!!! +122 Kid looks like a little douche ******* faggot I w… +120

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