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You ***** aren't gonna be laughing when I'm the only on… +1068 I'm 22 and still a virgin, I wonder why +711
It took me way too long +489 "He will make us proud." -Joshlol's Mom +450
Some tumblr users should be banned from using computers honestly. +370 "Underrated brother" "heh, like Luigi"… +367
Easy mistake. +350 OH MY ******* GOD! Shanesha Taylor had a plea agreement… +334
Picture +330 23. I've stopped trying. Can't miss what I'll never have. … +326
Now THAT, landwhales, is what you can call genetics. … +323 Picture +318
It's okay to be wrong sometimes +310 Picture +307
i've seen guys 100 x uglier than you get laid its cuz… +296 "Please disable Adblock" -Admin +295
Return the bike with a new lock I don't think the own… +290 there, now i can finally play pandemic +279
Until the yoshi part this went over my head +277 "H-haha, another great joke uncle. N-no no, that didn't h… +276
I'm half tempted to donate one of my kidneys. My only… +273 That's the face of a broken man literally +271
>Politics on FJ. Oh ******************** , here w… +270 Picture +262
Not really, I am not anti-gay, but the fact is that, even in n… +261 "Source is japanese pron." +254
Mindblowing fact +247 "Sold your virginity to a whore" I don't think y… +247
When I broke up with my ex she took my cat and sold it as reve… +247 Picture +243
credit to badboyscout +242 Skeletorexplains needs to keep buff +236
Say Cheese Addy +234 meme on and stay golden +233
Ignoring money, the Mona Lisa is still an important piece of h… +232 Picture +218
**** OFF WITH THESE 2 SECOND GIF FOR ***** SAKE … +213 They do, but like most mammals (and unlike humans), they have … +206
"...what's wrong in Cruella's pic-- oh... OH" +205 >Calling this guy fat +203
Why is this edgy? I'd be a bit insulted too if someone patroni… +201 >Get into Mental Hospital > Be declared insane even … +198
This is why I dislike modern philosophy - it has a "right… +192 that dude has the gayest face in the history of gay faces +187
I am ashamed of how long it took me to get the reference. +185 ******* crossfit +178
Here you ******* idiot. If you're American th… +175 Picture +173
it means she's a special snowflake +170 Picture +170
Where is woman Have you checked her appartment No … +168 how is this one stupid? if your power comes from a nuclear pla… +165
Where will you be when diarrhea strikes? +165 Don't do this to me OP +160
Sorry, you wanted that in burgers and fries? +159 Picture +158
Picture +157 It's directing hatred towards race baiters, not people of any race. +154
That's one weird Stand. +153 Picture +153
professor get's a phone call "wow, is this taylor swi… +152 It's almost as if you're misrepresenting the truth in a way th… +150
Picture +146 except the movie came out in 2001. it was just an easter egg. +144
19 in a few weeks and I make extra virgin oil jealous. … +143 Picture +143
"These are kinda boring, I mean they don't really have an… +143 It was australia. It was lethal +143
I don't know, man. You'd still kill three people. +140 Fist of the North Star mentioned, swell with ATATATATATATAT… +139
That's really, really, nice +138 Picture +138
**aizeinstein used "*roll picture*"** **aizeinstein rolled … +138 I hope he goes to school with that money. Should be good … +137
drop one of them into a black-dominated ghetto in america and … +136 She sounds hideous. +135

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