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Best i have managed so far. +1107 Go to hell, we're family here. It isn't funny and it isn't tro… +797
CALCIUM ************ . DO YOU HAVE IT? +677 not that that manly beard, i'm intimidated +633
Picture +620 People thought that Leo was retarded after this movie. +501
Don't **** with Admin Nice comic as always edowaado +500 >Dark feathers >Dark German name >Eating th… +457
He ******* guessed it The absolute madman +456 FJ's fw +440
> Has a cute laugh > Does not require batteries … +416 Picture +402
Picture +398 Did you just Kanye a Funnyjunk post?? +370
I actually kind of hate RPGs when they just say you're a speci… +369 <--- Admin right now. +362
did what i could, blurred out the hand slightly so the baby co… +361 The guy that did the headbutt looked so ******* intense +356
>Acquire a few of these vultures >Train them to obey… +352 or, you know, the dad may not have been hurt in the accident +350
>Implying Chosen Undead is a real title >Implying th… +322 I did the best I could and lightened the picture overall. I'm … +322
"I don't understand how you're 41 and still buying this … +314 ... what is this? Did a 12 year atheist just watch the Avengers? +310
Treesus Christ? +294 the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog +286
McDonald's +281 because quebec wants to be the most pretentious thing in reali… +279
Picture +279 PRAISE THE SUN. +261
dude you went way to ******* far. +260 I, for one, welcome our fuzzy overlords. +255
Animal cruelty is on a whole other level than the rest of this. +248 I honestly think this is okay. Her skin looks fine and she do… +247
Sorry for your loss. +244 a psychic dwarf? more like a small medium, +241
I really thought that it was just going to be a whole chunk of… +235 It's an extremely rare prototype. Only the most advan… +233
Picture +232 As usual, some advice for those who are not experienced at ste… +231
At least he found out on his own instead as a prank. +231 Picture +228
Hoover is a famous brand of vacuum. She sucks dick like a vacu… +221 Did some contrast work and edge smoothing: gives illusion of h… +217
>rides on the wrong lane ******** "hes tr… +212 Of course it doesn't run on batteries,but human flesh and pain… +211
They aren't gods, Asgardians are aliens that were considered g… +207 The third to last one is a friend of a friend. He saw the … +207
Hi everyone. I have spent most of the morning ( I'm from the U… +204 When getting the the surgeon said: Jesus ***… +202
Picture +201 i dont like children but that kid is perfect id be his buddy +199
Picture +193 It goes to the timing and everything +191
In Dark Souls, you are "the Chosen Undead". You don'… +190 it's still a bee you idiot +188
It's called Paris Syndrome. To begin to understand why Ja… +182 "Y'all wanna get freaky?" Goddamn I'd bang… +177
That's nothing. Nicolas Cage was so scared that he turned HIMS… +174 BUT HE WAS STILL HUNGRY! +170
Picture +169 Picture +169
Picture +166 What dumbass named this thing "Bearded Vulture". … +166
**anonymous rolled user phanact ** eats boners +166 Countless researchers and scientists couldn't figure out how t… +163
Picture +163 That second-to-last one... +162
Something something bronies. +158 Why do these people even have sex if they clearly hate it and … +157
How to get banned from editing wikipedia articles 101 +153 Picture +148
Just imagine those handjobs +147 The casuls didn't even play Outside III: Electric Boogaloo +146
Picture +144 Jesus how is high school going? Chick sounds like a sophomore … +142
Here. I'm not the best at photoshop, but i want to try to help… +142 butwhy.gif +141

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