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fag +1380 "maybe the heaviest things we lift aren't our weights, bu… +767
deadlift +398 ..because spaniards are white? +329
I didn't get the joke /and/ the name has too many letters +319 Dwayne "The Wok" Johnson +303
Imagine this man, writing all the sex scenes in that series. … +289 knowing that your grandparents were hot as **** ... +280
Take one. Get stink-glands removed. Keep it as a pet. … +263 blow it out your ass +258
**brewswillis rolled image ** mfw watching porn +252 I'm not proud of how long I waited. +250
Picture +250 Yep no one can ever beat Sub-Zero..... never.... EVER!!!!!!! +245
Johnny Depp +244 You're the captain now +241
I just started watching Game of Thrones and I already know eve… +235 If there is one thing Disney movies are known for it's histori… +233
Young Republicans club in a nutshell. +232 Picture +231
Picture +230 Picture +224
God damn, this picture couldn't be any more relevant. +218 I can always guess how many jellybeans are in a jelly bean jar… +204
9gag.com - finds ******* funnyjunk.co… +200 hehe +189
That just means he never made it to the final level at all +188 Picture +184
Picture +181 Shes so fat she collapsed in on her self like a dying star. +181
couldn´t resist mad editing paint skills +176 **anonymous rolls 888** +176
wait, so you ress up in a boob crack show-shack and a simple j… +175 Purchase weapon for [500] +170
I have two questions. 1) What the **** i… +168 Picture +163
Picture +162 >Phone rings >Answer >Friend is on game show … +160
' Dudes actually got a rocket! ' - dontquotemeonthis… +160 Oh boy is it oxygenated in this spaceship *opens window* +158
OP's face when he found the book +156 Rick and Morty is very good and so underrated +155
Because young democrats are so much better, right? … +153 I thought I lived in California, just found out it's really Mexico. +151
While I neither agree, nor disagree with you, you must admit h… +151 Picture +142
**swampwaterjack rolled image ** >read last line on … +141 That **** is dangerous and most likely fatal if t… +141
Sir, might I interest you in this flamethrower? +137 speaking of ****** threads +137
Picture +136 I'll just leave this here. +135
Picture +133 Um............yeah......I guess. +131
Picture +131 Batman actually keeps kryptonite with him at all times. +130
Ash liftem +130 Picture +129
Picture +128 Picture +126
if you live in a cold climate they might be practical +126 jaime koeppe, you're welcome +124
I feel that a kill la kill cosplay on a toddler may be--- in p… +124 Picture +123
ive never watched or read game of thrones +123 THE IMPLICATION IS SEX +122
**** the police +121 "well why not" "sure what could happen"… +121
Picture +118 What really happened +118
She literally looks like a black Shrek +115 Ladies please, one at a time +115
Not my proudest boner. +114 ew +113
Picture +113 >dad's an anime girl damn that's hot … +113
"I'm not Laurence Fishburne" Gets me every time +111 Picture +111
Picture +108 I thought it was supposed to be referring to how the camera sh… +108

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