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He cooked meth +622 They basically ******* suffocated someone on a ki… +604
**kaw rolled user admin ** <- him +500 "You see son, when a dog and a frog love each other very … +428
Zoe,40 years after becoming the ceo of EA games +402 Picture +388
I'd review games for free addy Here's a sample: C… +369 thank god, that would have kept me up all night wondering what… +355
obviously it was a mod, there are no dragons in Skyrim, not si… +348 That's got to be the quickest thinking I've ever seen. +337
We all knew this could happen Thanks to andranadu fo… +305 That was a rollercoaster of events. 10/10 would let them write… +300
Weaklings. I can still move. +293 Yeah, but what if one of your ancestors, the one who's genes y… +290
**imalamp rolled image ** this +283 I swear to god, these bitches started nearly every sentence wi… +283
Picture +273 Picture +261
what did he do? +242 Picture +237
If Benders did this constantly then Amon would probably have b… +236 Landwhales bring disgrace to the shape that is the sphere +228
Picture +227 Picture +226
*Rapist gets arrested, goes to trial* Judge: Do you have a… +221 simon pegg +218
Orange guy's FW after getting up +215 Does this mean we can get free sex. I heard game journalists g… +210
and proud son +204 Picture +204
YFW you and your bf see someone making fun of Apple. +204 I will forever cherish this gif +199
reminds me of this +197 my favorite +195
Booty had me like +192 Smoking: when you really truly want to waste your money on… +187
Someone please post this on tumblr and post results. I will pa… +186 I'm transpecies who self identifies as this cat and you are ra… +183
Picture +182 this has nothing to do with fj wtf +182
This was amazing. I'm so glad you made it for me. +176 Picture +170
Thanks for the laugh. That really lifted my spirits. +168 And Malfoy would be Daddy Issues. +168
Picture +166 Not even close to funny. +166
too bad im not an otherkin. that uh...that kind of bl… +165 I love this man more and more with each passing day. +164
So... want to make one explaining the statues on Gardermoen Ai… +162 Picture +160
Picture +160 would you look at that, there aren't any studded horse cocks, … +154
Out of all the comments i've seen on this site, that was the worst +153 Picture +153
Now I'm living in a world where Charlie Sheen AND 50 Cent have… +150 Picture +150
Great work admin +149 I was really worried this was a serious response from an actua… +146
I am a faggot and I approve this message. +145 breaking bad is trash compared to malcolm in the middle +143
In a perfect world, we all have gfs. +141 I could make myself more attractive i guess +140
im glad you posted this ive been looking fro this for a while +140 Gods damn, those calf muscles +140
Picture +136 **derpityhurr rolls 99,977,746** +135
Picture +134 Picture +131
A 16 year old who chooses not to smoke is somehow dumber then … +131 that was pretty smooth though. A breathtaking approach +129
**nagafever rolls 12** heard u leik 12 +129 Earth queen did get the air ripped from her lungs and suffocat… +123
Picture +122 You should wait a little while before posting more of these. T… +121
Picture +120 For some reason, all that **** on his hands make … +119
Can the journalists write however they want? As in, I coul… +119 With all do respect, ****** ****** dick +118
Picture +118 it looks like she is making him choose, no bitch is worth the … +118

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