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**giglt rolls 9** +1371 Here is another picture a few seconds later. He is happily giv… +557
>want to kill someone with a sick pun confetti explosion. … +527 That ***** that can't read yet always volunteers … +477
**creepyfapper rolls 8,888** +473 Maybe the chan-beating did some good +433
**arnithegreat rolls 999,955,479** +406 I hate quotes like that. +390
Picture +323 Picture +321
Except he never called anyone ugly, he just refused to make hi… +318 "Racist, dude I'm black" Yeah, because blac… +315
Also, at 0-7... Commentator 1: For those of you just tunin… +312 i slightly exhaled harder out of my nose +310
Fix'd +308 Sums it all.... +293
I missed the first half because I was working. MFW I … +290 CRAAAAAAAAWLING IN MY SKIIIN THESE WOUNDS THEY WILL NOT HE… +286
Picture +286 why are you rollign let him die **** +277
What a beautiful tribute to Neymar the Brazilian players did. … +267 Picture +267
Dont, my dad would be jealous +267 why dont you **** real ponies. not this cartoon … +265
They're becoming self-aware!! +255 Picture +254
That is because you are stupid. +251 "People run from rain but sit in bathtubs full of water." +244
glad Brazil is back on its feet again +233 Emma's cute, but she doesn't have the right face for Harley Qu… +233
Both are SO much better than the usual feminism hate / random … +231 Honestly FJ can be just as bad, every day it's the same recycl… +230
i knew it wouldn't take long for Tumblr to find out /b/'s weakens. +228 Things that never happened for 500 +226
The funniest +222 >yfw it's his mom's brother, not his dads +222
That's my job. +222 Season 19, Episode 7; "Husbands and Knives" +218
**anonymous rolls 999,720,450** +216 Picture +213
No, don't talk like that. +213 all these bitches houses already smell like dead fish. +208
Will tumblr users ever stop saying stupid **** ? +198 I feel bad for Will Smith considering his son is a spoiled retard +197
**shetep rolls 7,777** +196 Don't threaten me with a good time +193
Oh, we're not doing that on this one.. +193 brazilian tumblrettes must have shifted into maximum over-trigger +188
Admin Shut the **** Up Sincerely, Everyon… +184 Hey, hot stuff How about I insert my penis into… +175
The chances of such encounter are 0%, but it still encourages … +171 With which he can now obtain any TV he wants. +170
Picture +167 Original source: The Simpsons, season 6, episode 15; "Hom… +165
Germany letting Brazil score +163 Picture +162
**okone rolled image ** +162 P.E. coach +160
Just delete your windows directory. No windows -> no fi… +158 they should really just stop trying to make it a family show a… +157
It's 5am and I'm tired as **** , half asleep and b… +154 Sweats nervously +154
Picture +152 Picture +152
Ramona Flowers Cute. As. **** . +150 Picture +149
**valarofcookies rolls 00** white. +149 I ******* hate Katara. She may be hot, but she's … +149
best site on the internet today: 45% tumblr v 4chan 45… +148 Here's a new wallpaper for ya +147
It's payback time. +147 ... and as a german who loves schadenfreude, seeing other peop… +146
Yes, it had to be done. +144 Oh boy Tumblr doesn't understand the beast it has just unleash… +144
Instead of just going "cool comic" and leave it you … +143 **dragonofhate rolls 5,559** +143
As if~ you just can't handle my cuuuuuurves~ … +142 American Dad is funnier than Family Guy . +142
Picture +140 well would ya look at that. hand over the keys to the… +138

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