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Nutted but she still suckin +502 hfw +489
Picture +363 When I'm reading and have to say something racist +361
Picture +353 I guess you could say... It was his Destiny +345
Today, I learned people pay more attention to how I look, than… +343 It's actually just a room full of really small people +327
> "Why your not textin back?" "Because I'm d… +322 tfw will smith points you out and calls you Allan but you're t… +318
I'd say six guys, but moot is not a man. +300 Picture +295
Picture +274 There is no escape now. Only playtime. +271
>remained calm and controlled >sweet comeback &g… +266 How very commentist of you +263
Condoms and some other baby hygiene products..? +256 Picture +255
If someone doxxes you and send you pictures of your children o… +250 I remember when we read Hamlet and someone read the line: &quo… +246
>Senior year, anatomy class >Female teacher, pretty … +243 how's 2011? +237
And he's still wearing that ******* ascot. +234 tl;dr this is what the post was about. +232
Picture +228 Rarely do I find a 12 year-old who doesn't make me want to pun… +224
I support equalism, we should all be equalists and push back t… +218 When you talk to somebody in Oblivion. +218
Why wouldn't I want to **** with spirits? +214 Aww man, I was getting really excited for 39 jump street +213
Where's Depression Quest? +205 That awkward moment when my card was King of Hearts +203
Canadian Master Race sorry if I offended anyone … +201 I'll explain the current loot system in full. In Destiny, … +201
Picture +197 Or maybe she's just a fatass. +192
Picture +189 There was for your mother. +187
**serotonin rolls 20** dubs for critical hit +185 Picture +183
I foxing loved armor lock. I always thought it would … +183 "I stand by my statement" +177
**ppheadbuttface rolls 99** +176 Mind you most of the songs are ******* great and … +172
If you ever feel bad about yourself remember that some people … +172 you look like 80% of the internet +169
Whatever; I'd rather be a hypocrite than knowingly let that gu… +165 Then mohammed would have been crucified god damnit, read the books. +163
I worked in Tech Support for Dell for about a year, and I can … +158 not if you have ios7 +158
That's a polar bear. +157 This post is a ******* +155
When i was playing Dark souls on Xbox 360 when i got to Anor L… +154 the ******* struggles of being gay sometimes … +153
Picture +152 Picture +151
i like the fact they offer condoms HERES THESE THINGS… +151 **** you I'll come whenever I wanna. +151
**** . fixed it. +144 "Suddenly I understand Gollum" +143
is that a statue of loliberty? +143 >Murdered Solaire >Not asking for it Yes yo… +142
This one time in 7th grade English we were reading some story … +140 Bonus panel, that all of no one asked for +139
> Calling bro > Bro answers phone angrily >… +139 >Be me >Reading The Color Purple by Alice Walker … +139
The broccoli reminded me of this. +138 Stop portraying Canada as super peaceful country. They are… +136
>The man in the back is Donna, the woman who would later be… +136 I duno guys, hitler was a pretty cool dude. After all, he did … +136
tfw ghost ramming dude with armor lock +136 Picture +135
Muh fedoras +132 I hate bitches who cheat you they should just die, no sympathy… +131
If Biblical stories are any example, they would try to kill sa… +131 no +129
These morbid comps are my favourite thing on FJ right now, muc… +128 but women like gay porn don't they? +127
**soulknitter rolled image ** **** Im not a ga… +127 my team +124

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