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>see bee on porch trying to drink from hummingbird feeder … +937 Best i have managed so far. +831
Absolute Madman +813 the one about the dogs, i would seriously sue her for everythi… +744
Unacceptable +650 not that that manly beard, i'm intimidated +633
Go to hell, we're family here. It isn't funny and it isn't tro… +582 CALCIUM ************ . DO YOU HAVE IT? +561
i have no idea what the people in the white truck were even ma… +511 The one about the dogs +497
when its a wasp +475 People thought that Leo was retarded after this movie. +467
Picture +467 >The network gave a **** back then But… +454
Morgan beeman +449 Don't **** with Admin Nice comic as always edowaado +423
He ******* guessed it The absolute madman +406 >All the cucks defending the mom in this thread +395
Just put a spacebar (Or Alt 255) So theyre nothing … +392 But Chosen Undead and stuff. +387
That'll help +386 >Dark feathers >Dark German name >Eating th… +381
that kid is gonna turn out ok +371 <--- Admin right now. +361
God people are pathetic sometimes . +358 I actually kind of hate RPGs when they just say you're a speci… +358
> Has a cute laugh > Does not require batteries … +338 Asking a guy out is pretty simple: Girl: "Want t… +336
Did you just Kanye a Funnyjunk post?? +331 The guy that did the headbutt looked so ******* intense +329
I'm gonna start eating healthy just to shame fatties even more. +327 >Implying Chosen Undead is a real title >Implying th… +314
"I don't understand how you're 41 and still buying this … +314 FJ's fw +312
God damn bees. Always expecting a handout. Go back to your own… +310 Picture +308
did what i could, blurred out the hand slightly so the baby co… +295 99% sure this is not the intended entrance of the park. This f… +288
>Acquire a few of these vultures >Train them to obey… +283 Picture +282
posting as annon coz im a pussy. Thats how my dad found out i … +280 figuratively, of course +273
One would think this would be an eye opener that they are whal… +265 god DAMN +262
PRAISE THE SUN. +261 Picture +257
HE DIDNT JUST LAY ON THE FLOOR, HE LAYED YOUR LIFE OUT IN FR… +255 It literally says in the in-game codex that the omnitools ever… +251
Picture +250 Picture +249
Animal cruelty is on a whole other level than the rest of this. +248 Picture +239
Ha, took me a minute. +239 It's an extremely rare prototype. Only the most advan… +233
Picture +231 a psychic dwarf? more like a small medium, +231
PRESIDENT JOHNSON WHT DO WE HAVE TROOPS IN VIETNAM &q… +230 Got the full video here babes +228
What a douche +223 RIP Iggy died of serious burn injuries +221
that diabolical whore +218 >hfw hidden calories +217
Anon's new name makes this so much better. "I to… +216 there's a difference between playful, and leaving dick shaped … +215
I did the best I could and lightened the picture overall. I'm … +214 At least he found out on his own instead as a prank. +212
I, for one, welcome our fuzzy overlords. +209 the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog +207
The third to last one is a friend of a friend. He saw the … +206 or, you know, the dad may not have been hurt in the accident +203
Picture +203 A.) The MJOLNIR Mark VI armour was never designed for unassist… +203
"I've been looking for you" +200 i dont like children but that kid is perfect id be his buddy +199
that is pretty interesting, but how credible is that map you h… +197 Sorry for your loss. +195
Adminion +195 ... what is this? Did a 12 year atheist just watch the Avengers? +194
>rides on the wrong lane ******** "hes tr… +193 She got a number like the rest of them +188

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