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"anon" +836 Picture +592
Mr Skeltal In honor of the Halloween season +564 i tried... paint... +545
This. ALL of it. You are a ******* hero and a per… +493 you dont +474
"hey mates, wanna go to that pub with all the fat bitches… +430 At least this is one time when Android users can't claim that … +404
Last one seems like a decent idea, but then you'll get the ass… +404 Picture +394
Under Quarantine +377 My dog was hit by a car about a month ago. He had a broken jaw… +363
HA. Here, i assumed some of you ******* would wan… +360 Picture +360
Picture +338 Picture +335
Picture +333 Oh yes! By mr skeltal, this is hot. +331
This battle was over before it even began +327 Well the definition of bastard is a person born of parents not… +313
I had a goal to lose 20 lbs this year, only 25 lbs to go! +309 Picture +304
Adminions +303 This is all I needed. Colbert is a hero of mine, and I just co… +298
Feminists are fighting for equal treatment for women. Unfortu… +261 it all makes sense now +239
Picture +237 "Trick or Treat!" "Oh, that's a gorgeous co… +236
These poor innocent women have obviously been brainwashed by t… +235 dude, have some ******* limits you worthless piec… +222
Picture +222 that fag just cant pull off a mustache +219
Picture +217 Picture +217
Picture +214 Ken M +213
I laughed, and it's not too far from the truth. Guys and gals … +211 # pigbutt +210
what kind of scrub are you? king size masterrace! +207 This can come in handy for trolls +206
I have a custom character that looks like Jesus I even mad… +202 **bluwizard rolled image ** my tastes +201
Well I'll be here. That's for sure. +200 They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that … +197
ït's pornhub +184 So isn't this evidence of enormous bias on the editors' parts? +180
Huh, It's almost like the president is a person. It's gr… +176 This give me hope for the human race. +175
Picture +167 Lana? +166
I'm sure admin is proud. +166 When Facebook comments are talking more sense than most other … +165
you foiled your teachers plans +164 And bingo was his name-o! +162
Picture +158 Deleted Account +158
Russia is not just a country. It's a state of mind. +154 Picture +154
nice try admin, you're just trying to get me to turn adblock off +154 Picture +153
Better lighting and combed hair also help. +152 I also wan to know who looked at a chicken and thought "I… +152
Pls bring back DJadmin +149 Picture +146
Picture +145 Picture +144
Picture +144 Pride of the American youth produced by our school system. +144
To be fair though I'd still **** that … +142 And then someone stomps on him as he tries to chase them W… +142
That feel when you absolutely hated someone from high school e… +139 the Cul-de-Sac kinda reminds off this homely place. +137
"These aren't my glasses..." +137 Picture +135
>taking off your hat makes you hitler If only it w… +135 I find it hilarious that in every other Colbert video, he leav… +132
Hope that poor skeleton was drinking its milk +132 Never seen a were-eastwood before, neat. +132

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