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I ******* love this logic. You don't wanna bang me… +748 You do realize that getting fit is not all just healthy eating… +544
THIS WILL COME IN HANDY +474 Sure, as soon as fat people stop being fat. +453
It is cosplay, whether you like it or not or whether the quali… +366 **kirkel used "*roll picture*"** **kirkel rolled image ** … +334
More gravity. Can't enough fast. +330 Picture +320
Picture +318 >Be about 13 >Go on school trip to Austria (from UK)… +316
This accurately represents the Ideals of America. You get what… +314 An engineering feat that was under budget? +310
You still exist? +290 Picture +288
Picture +285 As the ancient hawaiians once said: "It is okay to lo… +283
Picture +281 Picture +271
Aren't you on FJ instead of ******* horses? +260 The co-pilot is an hero +254
No one will remember him because even tho he tried to help, he… +253 Picture +242
when u inhale too much smoke from the bong and ya tryin not to… +238 One Direction +235
Not being first. +235 Picture +233
Fat shaming friday on FJ? See you on the front page +225 ***** so black he been charred by that mixtape +222
Wait a minute. +218 Picture +217
Really ****** ? Tug of water? That ain't even clev… +194 Picture +193
Picture +192 Please tell me I'm not the only one that sees this. +190
> be black male living in small black town > have 8 … +186 Awww, that was adorable. +184
They should've put small/large tits or something for the guys … +182 what in the unfathomable **** +179
hit too close to home +179 being first +176
im so ******* high right now +175 Picture +173
That's so cute. +172 chair girl: + bigger boobs + glasses + probably st… +171
I can imagine it now, we spend trillions building a ship to ma… +170 Picture +169
A person who watches anime (hentai is a type of anime) is not … +167 Picture +165
Jack Sparrow is best princess. +164 **elscrocho used "*roll picture*"** **elscrocho rolled ima… +163
As long as i get three other people and a dog to come with me … +160 TFW no ps4 to play bloodborne +160
I hate perverts like that. It makes you feel uncomfortable ju… +154 what is this? are you some kind of unpatriotic fag? +153
These unrealistic standards +148 Picture +146
Picture +145 Picture +143
This is the first post I've been called to in a while that did… +138 Maybe if one of you managed to be interesting enough to hold m… +137
Picture +133 Not petting Russian bears +133
And *this* is why we say it's easy to be a slut, but hard to b… +132 Picture +132
Gets me every time +131 I feel this glorifies the rich people, whether their money was… +131
**kirkel used "*roll picture*"** **kirkel rolled image ** … +131 Picture +128
no thats a north american brown bear that has earned its right… +126 I normally thumb your comments up, but you went too far this t… +125
And Jeremy Clarkson was kicked off of top gear. This … +124 THERE ARE NO ******* DOLPHINS IN RUSSIA! +123
hahaha....hahaha....it's a jraph +119 Here's the gist of it, from what I've heard. -German … +119
Picture +115 Picture +115
Orlando Oliver Owen Jackie Chan Easy +115 Picture +115
Earth will slowly get untrashed. Problem solved +114 Wielder of the Flame of Anor! +114

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