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Yeah, it really caught my eye. I wonder if his actions were an… +529 Picture +461
Both of them are fucking retards +451 she wanted a belly rub.... +422
Picture +413 Picture +402
I don't understand, they both look the same +393 Cherry blossom = anime. OK then +364
Maybe our ads have always been just as japanese as japanese ads. +359 You'll notice she was always surrounded by food while followin… +316
That's a very astute observation with someone of that name... +301 dear ponyfag kill yourself +295
But one of them survived and although severly crippled, plotte… +278 Picture +274
My first bait comment! +272 i had to watch that 5 times to read everything +260
'Murica is so lovely in so many ways. Last semester my grade d… +251 I like how everybody is trying to write without mistakes in th… +250
Picture +250 Picture +248
"We've had one, yes. But what about a second movie?" +242 >hit a police car with a bike >not shot to death at … +242
Picture +238 There might even be 300,000 left but species are disappearing … +237
how the fuck do you think im gonna abandon this blind pers… +237 >Take out condom >She says "What for? We are al… +229
Illegal immigrants learn to adapt to American culture so fast … +227 He's a US motherfucking Marine that's how. +223
It's funny how a monkey when trained wel can perform his job b… +220 someone has learned well. +215
>Mass Murderer >Prison >Ps2 >Ps3 &… +214 How he should've started the conversation +213
Meanwhile inside the car. +213 mspaint skillz off the charts +213
Picture +211 The worst part is, the asshole just keeps doing it. +206
Picture +205 >HL3 >Not using this +203
Picture +195 blind people are people too +189
Grab all the money and do do whatever I want with it. +188 i'm looking to buy tf2 is the campaign any good? +186
It kind of irritates me that people still believe dogs only se… +182 Picture +176
Picture +172 1.its not cum, its spider web 2. where can you see ass? +172
I was hoping so much that this was a movie and in was nothing … +172 I come with sauce +172
Yes. +171 I thought they looked like this out of water? +171
i find it hard to believe life would develop the same way it h… +170 That description +169
this is the most internet thing to every go on the internet. +167 Nigga is rich as fuck already. +167
Picture +166 Picture +161
Last one +161 Favorite joke about that game I've ever heard is this one. +161
wtf +160 >The ring has been destroyed +160
Picture +160 this gif is so perfect i can't even tell if this is just some … +158
God, that was so fucking tense. +158 mf the whole time +158
20 years later +156 EVERYTHING IS WAY TOO REAL +156
AhAH AH ! No you don't. +155 "Rub it" +155
Picture +153 Picture +153
Picture +148 It's disgusting to see how some of these people are treated wh… +144
hard mode +141 Picture +140
Did you silence her with the hand of god? +140 Attendance is just a measure to differentiate between "wh… +137
Still weighs less than le american plane lololol +136 Hydration is key +135

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