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not again admin not again +855 It was years ago when I swore it would never happen again... … +727
Picture +599 Well I mean, with your name, its just good to check every once… +562
**derfmasterx rolls 99** +507 Picture +462
if you have someone to eat cheese, watch Netflix, and have org… +424 Picture +406
Never gonna click that link, never gonna see that site Nev… +352 >1 in 6000000 black men is a good father >gets sent … +347
>implying an Irishman would hold a closed drink long enough… +345 Picture +343
I like the Australian one.. +336 Send some nudes of yourself then. +318
Picture +311 It gets awkward around the sexual self-discovery. +304
heres a boy in underwear with cat ears hue +300 "Hipsters with degres in cultural studies" Shows pic… +297
Picture +297 still my favorite stoner pic i have <<<<&… +295
b-but girls don't poo +277 The struggle is real +277
Lichtenstein Castle & James Bond Rock before Photoshop Sho… +268 you need to update your sources ign +262
I don't think that bag knows how to physics. +250 How about one girl's life is Samuel L Jackson and the rival's … +245
I hope I get to use this some day. +245 **** her +239
>doctor >serious +238 Why? its not restricted to good looking women. God its no… +234
booty had me like +233 Oh Oh my brother it pains me to downthumb you but … +232
what a sham +228 Don't get me wrong I like these comps, but damn these "aw… +223
If that's a guy, then you can bet your ass that I'm gay. +220 toothpaste + beer +217
"Marie, why do your tits smell like pussy?" +213 Yeah the future is now couch +211
#8 edit: do not chew gum during a job interview. wtf dude ... +210 IT's a quarter pounder. With cheese. +207
damn you I fell for it, after so many rick rolls, why did I no… +206 **guylongname rolled image ** the "I like big dick&quo… +205
**sexyhimself rolls 99** you mean like this? +202 Picture +199
>NA'VI Xenomorph +195 who the **** just stops and takes a picture like this? +193
That's the joke +191 I love that movie, or any movie with Simon Pegg and Nick… +188
ok i change my answer to this +185 Are you implying there were no left handed people in Scandinav… +182
Yer a hairy wizard +179 Phanact stalks me. That's why I voted yes. +179
Asians can read minds too +178 Picture +178
The US has always had $1 coins in circulation, they just aren'… +173 In Russia +172
mr skeltal turning into mr sensual +171 none of these were cool in anyway +171
Picture +169 A non-electric candle? What a time to be alive! +168
Picture +167 but maybe the red part inside is some super concentrated ultra… +167
Picture +166 Picture +166
MFW I can't wear the custom made beaver fur fedora my great gr… +165 "Fun fact" +165
I clicked on it to check and before it even started loading i … +165 I thought the Apple employee's name was Pacific Centre +164
Picture +159 they're not awesome. you lied to me. also, the pe… +157
It would be hilarious walking around and you see a girl carryi… +156 10/10 op. why has nobody ever done this before +156
Picture +156 this isn't a strawberry +156
Picture +151 Everything about Carl from that show just never ceases to piss… +151
This is not depression...It's gluttony, sloth, and lust. +150 i preferred the one with the answer "this" +150

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