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no amount of money is gonna give that guy his life back. he pr… +1185 "honey, i'm scared" "why?" "T… +599
Picture +432 most guys dont +415
more like +404 I thought mike was a kid. Like another trayvon martin… +387
Picture +367 happy ending: he got to pursue his football dream pic related +357
Picture +321 There once was a thug named Brown. Who bum rushed a cop wi… +303
Actually, I've read this story a few times. He followed his dr… +301 Thanks for finding this guy, his channel's only a week old but… +286
This is so accurate that it hurts... +269 Ebola Elderberry +258
>I will ******* end you kid +254 Russia Joseph Stalin, read the books +249
Picture +242 Obviously it went fast. +235
and for all the people that need the extra encouragement: +219 it gets wet +211
Picture +211 I read "A week before Kennedy was shot he was … +206
I'm getting the ******* jar +204 how would he know they're called ponies in english +203
i make homoerotic advances on my male friends to make their gi… +202 Picture +192
Picture +188 Ask him "You can see him too?" +185
that guy deserves a medal +182 hfw +182
horse.zip +176 "Nobody ever gives me a hug" +173
you have a penis? +169 but vaccines are bad. how are you gonna control the human popu… +167
Feels like she got off easy, since she probably won't ever act… +155 I get it now. It was driving me up the ******* w… +151
No man, you're thinking of Bee Boo Boo Bop, Boo Boo Bop +149 I don't have to. +149
that actually makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside … +149 Picture +148
have some more of him +148 If it's obvious Canada is so much better than America, why do … +146
why dont poor people just buy more money? +144 Fred and George would be proud. +142
Picture +142 Yes, because Jesus was a better wizard, since a witch can only… +142
noooo stop it stop it NOOO NOOOO PLS STAHP NO!!!! STAA… +141 FJ isn't the right place for anyone. That's why we'r… +138
GIVE IT TO ME. NOW. +136 Well I guess I gotta find r34 of this now... +135
Yep Google is awesome. +134 Picture +134
"It's the store owners that are to blame. They charge mon… +132 Picture +130
**martinfreeman rolled image ** BUT WAIT THERES MORE +129 Wait I'm not the only black guy on this site? +129
We got him, Mr.President. +128 **darkpandapanda rolled image ** That escalated quickly. +127
that guy is so buffed hes union jacked … +127 bad life choices: like landing on the ******* moo… +127
* fixed +127 Picture +127
inb4 ********* Whats the worst thing a… +126 Picture +125
i think the bus should be painted the other way with yellow in… +124 "i tried weed just one time then this happened"-----… +121
Implying death is considered losing in the Souls franchise. … +119 He didn't pay for his smokes. If he did the little indian dude… +119
******* raw toast +119 He flim flammed the zim zam +119
Hmm wonder why she needs a gym ball to sit on. +118 Picture +118
I TRUSTED YOU... IS THIS HOW YOU GET YOUR SICK KICKS? +118 **martiini rolls 999,706,008** +117
Tenzin is the best character no ******* doubt. If… +114 They released a patch, gave sincere apologies, and will give o… +114
I'll take your word for it... +113 Equality +112
Picture +110 The vikings only brought home the hottest english babes they c… +110

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