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I guess you could say it was the oldest trick in the book. +1210 **bobthedilder rolls 22** +542
**anonymous rolls 999** +485 Picture +414
That bait is weaker than your sex life. +414 don't get your dick chopped off +365
'I'll make my own tree, with blackjack and ******** +362 Those two dudes are so well synchronized +357
When he forgets about it and finds it again later. +320 Don't look at the spoiler please you are a fool for looking +307
GET OUT OF M'SWAMP +306 Picture +285
maybe JUST MAYBE they grew up in this comic +283 Picture +273
I've met my school's weirdo. I was one of the few people nice … +272 4x times speed? upload entire tape to vine rekt +270
wow, congratulations +266 In Russia you arrest police +265
Picture +265 Wow, its almost as if different cultures say things differently. +258
You can't defeat the almighty dickbutt. +251 Picture +250
Twins? I think they better prepare for trouble.....and make it… +249 it's a strong independent branch who don't need no tree +244
Jack him off it won't be gay you guys are the same per… +226 Picture +226
darude sandstorm +225 Picture +218
Picture +214 Picture +212
I'll admit to not getting out much, but I've never once seen a… +210 Alright, since there's no comments; whoever rolls dubs decides… +210
Picture +209 >all these dub watchers in the comments ******* … +209
Is a rubber glass still a glass if it's not made of glass? +209 he doesnt look good at any stage of the night... +207
The people at Winrar. +200 Picture +194
Picture +186 Picture +184
Picture +180 not anymore m8, i'm at the bottom of the screen now. the … +179
**** looks fun. +178 While he may not have articulated it very well, this man is ad… +175
Picture +167 Black thigh highs +166
Who let the dogs out? +162 Picture +159
Picture +159 House thread. +158
Picture +155 Fixed +154
sry, it was upside down +152 yes +152
R.I.P. in peace Lesley Nielson. +150 ...well, I'm glad this happened a few days AFTER I got temp ba… +148
Did he headbutt that guy too? +146 Picture +144
What's the point of a massive world with nothing in it? +136 I didn't know they made a Civ V movie. +135
i knew this sneaky son of a bitch was up to something +135 This is why you don't do drugs. +133
Even woman don't believe this **** . +133 >world war hulk my dick is ready +132
Take a guess +132 Picture +132
They are The Umbilical Brothers and they are ******* … +131 Curse your unexpected, but completely inevitable betrayal. +131
Picture +130 How the **** is that even possible +129
There was a kid in my high school that was a little off. I alw… +129 trading your mewtwo for a table +128
Picture +128 maybe snape was just trying to play the game +127
The guy said please though. +126 Or just not religious? +124
What an excellent life hack +122 Fixed +121
The most autistic part is the retarded parents that w… +120 webm porn coming to nsfw +120

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