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Because of my recent education, I can now correctly identify t… +650 Picture +614
Depends on the level of the cleric in question. I think Bless … +557 Everyone knows you can't cast bless on salty water. 0/10 w… +538
Knowing me, I'd never come out. Decades later, people will be … +493 Bro we're the choir. It's supposed to be an unpopular opin… +377
Picture +348 **toastiewaffles used "*roll picture*"** **toastiewaffles r… +347
im not racist, but my dick sure is +330 Picture +318
I can only get hard to interracial porn if its a white man doi… +294 I said alive cows. +289
When does holy water lose its blessed properties? If holy wate… +287 ******* plebs +284
....defeated by a speed bump in Dublin. +282 Picture +279
Why would they place a dinosaur in a movie like Jurassic Park? +279 >Making pun guide without making a single pun. +276
Just imagine if they actually blessed the entire ocean and the… +270 Haven't explain accounts been made several ************… +270
>Food company wants to make money >Implying they wou… +267 jump in the waterfall and swim up it +262
**fappening used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **fappening rolls 66** +262 Is this still a thing? +248
if I wanted to drench a hearty italian in fanta I'd call psych… +238 To be fair, there were probably hundreds of people with PhDs g… +232
Frontpage material, +231 *Seat offering intesifies* +221
Keep going? +220 Picture +214
as for my expirience not getting vacined is dangerous i got me… +208 I used to wait until everyone else had a group, then join what… +206
**ministermax used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **ministermax rolls 7… +206 You're acting like false accusations are on the same level as … +203
this is probably the most normal comic i've seen from this guy +203 Oh my god, I've always called her Ellen Degenerate. +202
iCarly started running in 2007. That's 8 years. If you're 20 n… +195 I think the door/bookcase opening and closing all the time wou… +195
how your bitch ass eats the pussy compared to how you're suppo… +194 Well yeah, of course it's easier when you have a brace for you… +194
blacks steal things box is black box steals health +193 I was getting a set of dogtags from this army and navy surplus… +193
Picture +193 Well **** +191
Better ? +183 Give her 20 years. +180
I'm more mad at this than i care to admit +177 Picture +176
Barbara does not **** around +175 Don't steal my **** you lil **** +173
Here's a screenshot from her Facebook. Pretty funny she made … +162 Ah, yes, a doughbag. +160
>Maths because there are more than one of them >Math… +158 ***** hot yo +155
Picture +154 Oh look they are literally shipping it. +153
Basically, after they failed military victory, they decided to… +152 Oh the iron knee Its the bronze kneecap, but its clo… +151
Picture +150 Hot cross buns One-a penny two-a penny Hot cross buns +147
Picture +145 **** that guy, he endangered the lift operator an… +144
But can it lift OP's mom? +143 Picture +142
**icastratepeople used "*roll cah answer*"** **icastratepeo… +141 <Tired> of the 5 seconds it takes to take your shirt off… +141
Going from a funny post to a feel post +139 >discussion It's not a discussion, it's some peopl… +138
Why would you get a ******* tattoo of the dress. … +134 Shut the **** up +133
Picture +132 Suppressor* +129
It pisses me off nonetheless. Of course it's ******* … +129 the home of witty banter. +128
Hasn't this joke been made several ************* … +126 Then he got to bang Sam. Sounds fine to me. +126
Picture +122 Picture +120
To be honest, I didn't see it, so thanks for explaining it. +119 Picture +119

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