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Argentinian tears +778 even Tumblr is starting to get annoyed by tumblr +579
How do we know *WE* aren't watching the fake world cup? … +477 Picture +410
"How dare you say that women can also sometimes be viole… +391 **entername rolls 7** Germany will score this many goals +343
Picture +309 I was about to say "Are you stupid? Estonians don't say t… +274
My parents literally told me that I should lock my car because… +266 It's actually not a word, it's an acronym for "Confederac… +256
Yeah stick with Khaleesi, it's much better +254 Picture +244
That's actually really cute. +242 **ubercookieboy rolls 69** Put it up you're butt +233
Picture +227 Why does word like cis even exist? Just to spite normal people… +221
Ur moms ***** +218 It can only end one way +215
u just mad cuz i'm memin' on u +206 My buddy as the Jäger bomber +191
>My mom's an alcoholic and yelled, shoved, and intimidated … +191 Picture +186
Picture +182 make sure to do it upside down so they cant climb up the uterus +180
***** +179 South Korea 413 - 0 +176
DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!!! +175 Picture +174
dear lord that takes talent +172 Picture +171
OMG I WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND THE MAGNITUDE OF THE STORY IF IT WOU… +168 Battlefield 3 online in hawk when helicopter pilot jumps out b… +166
Picture +166 Picture +164
Picture +162 Did that guy at the end try to shake the duck's hand? … +162
Picture +161 Picture +161
Picture +157 And somehow... still out of you're price range. +156
All I can see, is a giant rock ass +155 Picture +154
i hope she gets raped +152 menstrual cycle +149
I'd ***** his mom, too +147 The ocean. +146
This is obviously fake. A real plane wouldn't have that much r… +146 Picture +141
Picture +140 Picture +139
AND I SAW HER FACE +138 Let Dave Chappelle preach on this subject. +132
it's football admin... +132 Hello fellow person exposing absolute truth +131
not to defend the guy, but we've all made that mistake...while… +129 Oh the horror, i bet they will be traumatized for life... +129
adorable +127 dried cum +124
You may not like him for whatever reason, mostly jealousy for … +124 What the intense bodylove happened in this comment section. +123
In America we don't make gun sounds we just shoot our guns +122 Picture +120
No u +120 Picture +119
"Stop speaking Spanish unless your of Hispanic heritage.&… +117 **indonesia rolls 0** and argentina score +115
Someone's about to get lost. +114 You call that bait? +113
We can't ask him questions now... I miss Chef. +112 Hahahhaahahhahahah.... No. +111
They can read now?! When did we let this happen? +110 Just noticed Holland is the only one who isn't crying(And has … +108
**Orc rolled image ** Girl's FW +107 Picture +106
Here are the source links +103 You hide in teenage girls' rooms, too? +103
pretty sure it was something along these lines +102 Picture +102
Picture +101 Picture +101

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