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Funnyjunk mentioned, swell with reposts and amazon ads +1163 that happened to me once my mom sent me to live with my u… +788
Picture +730 I don't think she uses those pokemon for fighting.. +645
"You bastard, it's against my religion" "So… +620 This made me regret that i bought a laptop with touch screen +573
Picture +469 >fj mentioned >fj-users +459
**ultimateasshole rolled image ** what im amazed by +441 What is that? A lime for ants? and their tiny coronas +418
looks like the illumiati's plans just got foiled +364 EXPECTO PATRONUM +350
i would **** that sand sculptures ass so hard it … +334 Ironic Flash would say something about imprisoning someone for… +329
The Pole and Ball, hue +328 Picture +326
Your fridge is now part of Israel and no UN resolution will ch… +301 Take evasive maneuvers. +296
The only part I give a **** about +290 Zoe used his death as a way to advertise her game. /v/ later t… +278
Shes not fat, just a little husky. +277 Get into ONE fight, even if it's one person against 5, EVERYON… +276
trying to ruin someones entire life because you suck at school… +265 "Every woman has been sexually harassed" +262
Because it expands my dong. That's why. +251 hfw +249
hey its the same captain that flew the plane i took. captain S… +245 Ireland in a good Polandball? Good day. +239
Freedom of speech +238 The funniest part is, that korean character is pronounced &quo… +238
Get a better monitor. +228 It's not necessarily a no.... +228
Picture +226 Picture +226
impressive as **** +224 Well, like they say, go big or go hone. +223
He looks so much like a dad. +223 Rum. Goldschlager. Gin. Vodka. Long ago, the 4 alcoholics … +223
My friend is always sending me snapchats about how he's gettin… +223 Sand Hump +221
**travrob rolled image ** what amazes me +220 i knew ants could make like bridges, but i didn't know they co… +219
The title made me expect something else. +214 great. now i got smudges. +212
Oh, but while reddit is standing on 4chans shoulder, we, the s… +209 The cereal got me. +208
no +205 South park isn't racist in the slightest. It makes fun of … +200
OH **** ME +198 Picture +197
u just mad cuz hes got more game than you +197 Its pretty clear that is a giant penny, yo can tell from the p… +194
Picture +192 Picture +191
i wish i could erase my memory and rewatch the show i wish… +184 They would be more visible, but unless predators know how to u… +183
is it bundled with new super mario new new super mario that is +182 Make a new console/hand-held and ******* stick wi… +176
Poptarts +176 Lions +176
We need to spread this video like an STD +174 Looks like someone skipped leg day +174
she looks stoned, but then again, you sorta gotta be to eat 30… +172 Every one knows "that guy" who don't help for … +168
Nothing. Stand there and dont move +168 thats not the oxford comma you ******** +166
oh **** , im late for work +164 I remember my first breadstick +164
i never made fun of brock, always thought his determination ev… +164 You'd probably have to go to the hospital. +161
What could go wrong? +160 ...and now, for the retired crowd, boob drapes! +160
Navy: "I bet it sucks somewhere right now" +160 Picture +158
if you're looking for an amazing movie with a lot of detail an… +157 you have to be 18+ to make an account here nice try a… +156
"Titkercheif!" +154 This is my life now , I am one with the Post-it +154
Awkward moment when my last name is Gay. I will forever be Mr.… +154 Of all the trolls I've seen, you abandoned your gimmick the mo… +152

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