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Id prefer Celsius for eveyday use and Kelvin for lab use. +905 Thats the sister to the Famous if he wanted to rap st… +542
Picture +534 tfw the male stripping industry isn't as payable as female str… +526
she wrote in Orange, Teacher confirmed for Hitler supporter +473 Why celsius is more logical +428
I'm able to balance going on FJ and having a healthy social li… +407 **centurionprime rolls 77** +391
Ooh It's on like donkey kong now! +375 I'm actually a little bit upset, I thought she was above that … +371
Picture +371 Yes that's exactly why jobs make you take a herb test +344
To be fair, America doesn't have its flag on the moon anymore,… +322 Is that Kim Possible +316
Gay strippers can make some bank. +309 Didn't know tunde could play the piano. +309
a rich whore is still a whore pic unrelated +295 It's pikachu! +283
>People turn their heads >Fall over >Win ra… +278 day 17, they still havent realized i ate their kid +278
It ******* sucks +271 Picture +255
Suit up and get ready for the night +254 Even if this story ended in "They break down the door… +250
I think she needs a tailor cuz she ripped her pants pretty bad +244 i can tell that whoever wrote this is a whiny pussyfart +242
Touch an electric fence +237 dont put her on a diet she'll squish it +236
Comment related to the content. +236 man, being a dick to get people to follow your cause is not th… +234
"Hello, this is an assload of money speaking" &… +234 i bet he is deciding if its worth stealing the other dog's food. +228
correct if im wrong, (im not up to par with my HP facts) wasnt… +214 The only difference between "female" and "male&… +211
Why has no one posted this? +211 Kronk is great at keepin up Tents +209
So why don't you measure temperature in dicks? +207 She is unattractive. But those guys are dicks +205
great, now the strippers are becoming self conscious. +205 ******* losers jacking off to leaked pics … +205
I've been on this site for around 5 years and I never read yo… +203 Picture +199
related, and similar +197 pet it's dick u would +194
Hey **** you bitch, he gave a clear and correct e… +192 Picture +191
Picture +191 Picture +188
oh cool, positive feedback! +187 Lightning is just lasers missing their targets and reentering … +183
It's literally FREEZING at 0 degrees celcius... +183 This is what a content would look like if it were actually good. +180
"lets all act like the army becuase we are far to pussy t… +179 10/10 +178
**grayfullbuster rolled comment #188 ** : If that is a fe… +177 But then they'll stuff a robot into your suit, so you still die. +175
There's already a huge hole in front of him i think Sheldon is… +174 Whoever did it +172
Picture +171 >post in most beautiful teen contest >tells people t… +171
Probably one of the only tumblr posts that i've read and total… +169 Picture +168
man he doesn't even look like he cares that hes turning into a… +168 leave its cock alone you filthy furry +165
Is debt free college degree a euphemism for daddy issues? +165 Picture +165
i was phone +162 Picture +160
you don't understand this website +158 >let's better **** +157
World War II Ep 2 +156 he'll lose all his power rings, indeed +155
North Korea isn't actually best Korea +154 >Not using the Djibouti Shooty >Not using the Somali… +154
+1 for learning but nowhere in the post did it say that this w… +153 there's plenty of things that can eat us, but if they become a… +151
The suspense is killing me. +150 lolfatpeople +148
Picture +148 How I read it: "We can beat anyone....... as long as … +147

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