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White 16 year old girls are crying with excitement right now. +517 It is, fight your way through all the policemen and you're free. +515
**crellow rolled image ** What I find hot +485 **therealpeterw rolls 999,809,175** +431
There's lots of ways. My favorite is multiplying 50 billion by 2. +416 We must conquer Saturn's Moon and harness natural flight capab… +395
FALSE! It was a cockroach and you know it!. +385 Picture +365
better? +360 1776 +351
You clearly haven't been to the annual dick sucking marathons.… +343 Sell drugs to the kids. +336
Picture +335 Time does not move in lines, it moves in circles. That is why… +313
youre going to confuse her if you use logic +306 big brother admin you've been making a lot of feels posts. A… +297
hes a strong independent cop, who dont need no lori +294 OP Discovers Revolutionary Weight-Loss Method … +293
>60 shots of espresso I got a boner just imagining that… +272 No need for that since I visit funnyjunk every 5 seconds +271
Photoshoppers face when he made that. +257 yfw +253
Picture +251 I was bored. +243
Posted same thing on the "If FJ was gone, what woul… +242 **steffenengan rolls 999,299,792** yes pls +240
Picture +231 Picture +230
that stinks, OP +224 Paint skillz off the charts +223
i work at a starbucks and they limited the number of free shot… +219 so talikng to fish, having a fish tail, breathi… +215
i wonder what some people would do for 10 million. or even klo… +213 this is a surprisingly balanced satire. +211
This part is the quickest repost ever +203 >Implying Frost is effective against Nords +203
I lost my yugioh cards +202 Why would you go to a water filled with cows, and then ask to … +200
I think trial by combat should be legal. +199 uhm, you mean.. good on them for undoing the wrong thing they did? +197
Germans are perfectionists. Irish are lazy. +196 nope, you guys hate me +192
It's ok. I found what the real problem was. +190 Picture +190
Picture +189 Don't go around spreading such slanderous lies about a scienti… +187
best face +187 Inb4 some clever sod says "look at all that funny". +186
White 16 year old girls are crying regardless. +185 Picture +185
I couldn't have said that any better. +185 look at all that funny. +183
No, You Are Monkey. +179 i dont know what a homestuck is, all i know is that i hate it +178
Picture +177 yeah but then he created these fluff balls to eat them all, so… +175
they should stop there loligaging +175 i hate clicking reply too early +168
Biggest Age Distance and First supernatural powered? Bitch Please +168 Hello there, Chris Handsome +163
**zerpderp rolled image ** well ain't that some shit +163 Don't fuck with 4chan chainletters +163
Someone tell that child's uncle to give her nose back. +161 Sorry +160
m'lady.jpg +159 Can sucking dick result in a collapsed lung? Because if so, it… +153
As an Australian i really do not understand these jokes, i mea… +151 When there is no more room in hell the dead will walk the Earth +151
Picture +148 Picture +148
Picture +146 at first i was gonna cringe then mfw +143
She would still have goddamned irises and eyelashes. +142 Picture +140
I wouldn't be able to handle seeing someone else fuck my sister. +138 To anyone who's wondering, in the original comics, after Batma… +136
how does one lose weight by sucking dick? +135 not true, we restrain people, drug them, and make decisions fo… +134
Picture +134 That's a fucking hook, retard. +131

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