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I expected a different ending based on the previous one. +687 Don't worry m8 Maybe you'll die first? +602
And most of all, they did nothing wrong +530 **grogovic rolls 4** 4 +403
Scared, Potter? +394 I've been having a rough week and I was looking for some funny… +376
The fact that Cr1tikal will die one day makes me very sad +357 I'm so glad I discovered funnyjunk. We might be retards, but a… +344
...aaand 20 minutes later everybody lit another cigarettte. … +338 >daedric armor >max skills >dragon weapons … +316
Picture +316 This was touching.... Have that nipple biting gif +313
Collectively you nugget. +279 1. New Car 2. New House 3. Jackie Chan .… +277
I bet you smell heavenly +274 "why smoke if it kills you?" because it kills me. +269
Picture +264 Picture +261
Wait wait wait....the sun is a finite resource...we shouldnt b… +254 It usually takes a crane. +246
Picture +245 mfw +243
Holy **** Cheesy garlic bread is the *… +235 The last words DSP would say on his deathbed are probably &quo… +232
hfw +223 Picture +223
1. A honey 2. A baby 3. A ragtime gal +222 Picture +215
well if thats her fetisj +206 The game is still going, that means he must be nearly as bad, … +206
/pol/ right now +199 Picture +197
Picture +196 Now imagine the uproar if it was a town of men asking for sing… +193
1. permanent white color text. 2. my white must be whiter … +193 It's because it takes a tremendous amount of effort to come of… +192
Sure, no respawns, but we'll still do our damnedest to revive … +190 Lions +189
Picture +182 aloha snackbar +180
Somehow I think this one is satire +173 so phil fish is the kanye of the gaming industry? could … +170
It's ya boy zaheer entering the void let go of your tether… +170 i cant even masturbate with my left hand +168
Picture +168 Really? Are you sure they're checking you out... are you sure ? +168
Picture +164 One of these .gifs are not like the other! One of these .… +162
They fought together afterwards, tho, in the Battle of 5 Armie… +161 Picture +161
For those interested 4chan frequently hosts a football competi… +160 That guy's a real douche, though. She acknowledges being fat, … +159
Oh god... not again... +156 Click harder the blacks are still here. +155
aight, i know imma sound like a white knight or some **… +155 People only spend 3 billion hours a week? Casuals +154
nah man... nah +153 I'm not even a fan of him, yet my brain was still able to pull… +153
Picture +151 Picture +149
This is why Tumblr can't have nice things. +148 Unfortunately as a pizza delivery guy, I can confirm most of t… +147
I might have been using the internet way too much, but I would… +145 Goddamn Legion +144
And since the Jews control all media, we won. +143 Picture +143
The Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow Nirvana - Smells Like … +142 I'd rather have all the immigrants deported. +142
Picture +141 Picture +139
<- where it went +138 Moonlight Sonata third movement. I don't think th… +137
1. something 2. idfk 3. crazyolitis not to have colour… +137 cal me old fashioned but i prefer the real Nick Fury +136
I think we all know where this is going +136 I can see why you posted this anonymously +136
''Its similar so its a copy'' Ok +135 That's almost as bad as the old directions from Harvard to Kin… +134

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