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**** OFF WITH THESE 2 SECOND GIF FOR ***** SAKE … +891 New ******* memes have arrived boys +543
This guy should take it to the computer repair place and see w… +508 in other words "here's a popular opinion that's on front … +458
One that hasn't been solved for 30 years. Also it was a math p… +456 I was thinking non existent +445
[australia intensified] +422 You think that's weird? A two seater plane crashed into a ce… +418
haha ***** even took the chance to plug his ***… +398 Grey Jedi are the best Jedi +396
Picture +390 Picture +377
BECAUSE PUPPIES, FUK U +342 A filthy double agent. Licking the boots of his filth… +333
Picture +326 When he hit the ground the first thing he thought of was his f… +307
**theycallmesatan used "*roll picture*"** **theycallmesatan… +293 They told their friend to lie down on the floor. You won't bel… +291
Well being a gay man should make you pretty resilient to butthurt +278 Facebok +265
Yout should play with the female teams in fifa 16 cuz it will … +264 They're like 12 years old, you sick **** +264
I can't even say anything hawaiian or positive about this. … +264 here's one for your next comp I actually found this … +262
If anyone didn't get the joke, Kadabra evolves into Alakazam w… +261 This story didnt unfold as i expected it to unfold +260
In D&D we call that "Wail of the Banshee" +257 We all know what it's going to be spent on... +254
Her name is Siri (Pornstar) +244 Picture +241
the only plausible option for longevity of the human race and … +241 Knocked her out with an open hand? Yeah right. What w… +238
I'd consider myself a true-blue 'murrican. I live in Mississip… +232 And on that day he received the best BJ of his life. ( ° ͜… +225
And if you give him your credit card info he will tell you how… +219 **reican used "*roll picture*"** **reican rolled image ** … +217
There was definitely no better, polite, and suitable response … +216 Picture +216
**** the pretentious douche that thinks people should o… +216 Reminds me of this little cheeky cunt +212
Picture +207 I had a instance like this, Some bitch grabbed my shoulder, sp… +207
That 6 year old screaming "Silent you peasant" is go… +204 Lots of people take showers you know. +204
so i can **** my own mother because she went through me… +203 I've expected around 30 gifs and you've posted 7 only. … +200
I'm not entirely sure what compelled me to make this.. +189 Assuming you're dicking about, but "torch" is also t… +187
Sith lightsabers are boring, and red is overrated Pic… +185 I'd be happy enough knowing Bill Murray is my dog. +184
Was I the only one that thought that the aunt in Big Hero 6 was hot? +183 I love how she just collapses. +180
oh god i'm sitting alone, laughing like a retarded seal and cr… +179 I wish he wasn't such a jerk in real life. But alas. +176
**** OFF WITH THESE 2 SECOND GIF FOR ***** SAKE … +172 You all heard a scream, I heard: "I DO NOT HAVE THE SOCIA… +170
**darksideofthebeast...... used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **darksi… +168 Damn, that's pretty ****** impressive +165
I don't believe you. +163 Blind I think. +162
Picture +162 He was just there to tell him that his brother died on his way… +162
I did some of my work experience at a zoo and the chimpanzees … +160 >Wife of the year >Brings home Budweiser +158
Darth Vader did. +157 SO CALL ME MAYBE +156
I commend OP's editing skills +155 I disagree with the vodka cranberry one. People drink… +155
DO EEET +155 Picture +151
These guys looks like in the intro of some 80/90's cartoon … +151 Picture +150
Just a reminder that these are not my edits. All credit goes… +149 That dude just stole that mother's kid with consent +149
How is it cowardly? +147 Call me FedEx because I deliver ************ +146
***** what +145 "ah I can't believe you've done this" +142
obligatory +141 If Albert claims some men want to watch the world burn and he … +141

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