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i was out at the gay fish club last night +743 >No horribly ear splitting crying >adorable laugh at… +674
because i'm worth it +668 May the flag never fall. For glory and country. Hail Admin. +559
What are they gonna do, convince their *********** … +542 it's just a candy bar it's just a bike it's just a bro… +488
I like your attitude but i still hate your face… +483 Jokexplain. +443
The only people who ever meton FJ out side of FJ are junkys +425 no +420
This guy knows what being a villian is, If your hencman fails … +411 The world is not ready for such beauty. +392
Must have been a coincidence. +381 with the pride of bieber, we will hold these SJWs back +379
Picture +365 >4chan's spreading this around >sjws will see this a… +329
Just the ******* bar +327 ******* slut +320
The gif OP was talking about in the description for those inte… +302 Or when the THX intro starts +300
> it is in their best interests to support the SJWs … +294 I have no idea what's going on here. +280
lol +277 Bitch so fat that he turns gay +275
Picture +275 Picture +275
What fall damage? +269 Picture +266
I think the quality of the content has increased a lot ever si… +265 yyeah...have you seen the way admin talks about this whole inc… +248
**anonymous rolled image ** MFW I see a villian in anime th… +247 lying spammer and vote cheaters from the brony forum (problem … +242
Funnyjunk so great, passport not required. +241 He complains that it wasn't in the face. +240
Picture +239 when i saw 3/2 +239
...or you could just accept that younger generations don't gro… +238 ******* hell I've been watching more **** … +235
4chan and FunnyJunk now, 2014 +229 i want admin to sticky every mail or pm he gets from sjw so we… +226
Picture +223 ****** ****** ****** … +222
hoy **** admin. you broke their sp… +218 that kid is going to get through some of life's toughest obsta… +216
Picture +214 All I can picture in my head now is flying to Africa with bush… +208
So umm where will we steal our funny content from now? +208 And for reviews she plug dicks in her vagina. +207
[muffled fapping sounds] +205 That's what i call an inside look of an asian party +203
There have been no top prize winners for the Spanish version o… +203 Wow. I'm impressed with how fast and efficient the in-game XMB… +191
It's interesting how SJWs embody some of my favourite satirica… +189 this content is actually poised to reach front page? I tho… +188
Qt3.1419's fw +186 Leave Moot's office. +182
Admin should change his name to Epicmaymay-Paradise Leader +181 PC=Good XBOX=Subscription and gimmicks PS=Meh Wii=… +181
" Apart we are but lone sticks but together we are a migh… +179 Clint Eastwood being his belly +177
FJ seems to have some weird bipolar feelings for tumblr. +176 gotta move fj to new srvers first which is not easy +174
Do you like fish sticks? +173 ***** you're jokexplain. If you're doubting yours… +171
Fire isn't plasma, ******** . +170 #GetRektM8 +169
i gotta say, this is coolest bad guy ever, he a overlord that … +162 4chan and FunnyJunk 2006 - 2013 +155
Admin, when the inevitable 'tumblr raid' comes through, will y… +152 The guy's lungs are black because he smokes The middle gir… +152
That's not a gazelle you ******* dimwit. That… +148 Picture +147
Love the camera work +144 I'm here! let me in now! +144
"Epicmaymay-Paradise" +143 why do you guys do this +143
You made my boner laugh. +141 things that get passed around +141
Why not just do both? While we're at it, we should use their t… +140 >get sweaty from workout >no air conditioner +139

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