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The wife and daughter are hidden in the anime by Hiroyuki Kato… +1018 I did gud? +564
Picture +544 Picture +526
Guy who stabbed the bird = Cringe You saying "I'… +497 Picture +455
It's about time to stop browsing. I actually laughed at someth… +435 "fj is down" +397
so it took them 2000 years to graduate? +394 I had that same dream. I was in class. You were naked. +372
when the whole squad hittin it. +356 My cousin had to use a hearing aid close to that because his h… +352
Picture +342 I was not expecting that throw... poor thing, but god damn is … +340
At first glance i thought she really did have a dick. +329 I thought you were being serious and I was about to feel bad. +326
Picture +323 in western porn the girls act too slutty and try to overplay h… +306
After prostate exam +306 Picture +297
**** You. +294 That's not a problem, as i like them young. +288
When you tryna beat yo black twets addiction +282 reading into things harder than an english teacher +273
"Once I've absorbed you, I won't need these foolish contr… +269 The name's Pon. Tam Pon. +269
>Be dreaming >Naked in school >Somehow still … +269 this feels relevant +264
"i'll give you 1 million dollars for that hat" +263 I tried +263
Picture +262 German humour +261
You all don't get it. The white males speak last to c… +258 My first thought was one of the early scenes in dumbo. +254
I don't think so +253 Picture +251
Technique 4 is the one that got me fired from Starbucks. All I… +251 Britfag here. Can't confirm as I don't speak German. +251
I tried therefore nobody should judge me +245 Picture +243
Picture +243 Picture +238
>Be software engineer > Got job in field 2 years bef… +237 That small time after you wake up, when you don't remember any… +235
no shut up frank oz is still alive, don't give people heart at… +222 This scene is so great because the actors were just lowly paid… +216
me and my fellow brits obligatory +212 she probably feels worse than he does +211
You must be Quebecois. +210 When I post stuff like this, I always get "Banned" +210
John Candy's been dead for 20 years, so he would probably be u… +203 Picture +200
Imagine a phantom handjob +200 Picture +193
i work out and i still get out of breath +192 Wrestling's fake this gif proves it +190
That's ****** and funny at the same time. The bes… +187 The other night I had a similar dream >Being raped by s… +184
Caught me off guard Well done +184 "Dibs on the halfling" +177
What the hell +176 Picture +175
I guess I forgot to check the 'what webms mightpoggers has see… +173 Picture +173
Germanfag confirms. instead of "Steine" "Z… +171 friend who owns appartment's face when +167
Picture +167 Telling people "I'm gonna put this in one of FJ's Cringe … +166
I pray to the grammar gods this was done on purpose +160 i wonder if it tasted like butter +154
Because you want to **** your mother, that's why. +152 Picture +150
This show had some great physics +141 This is the movie you're looking for. +141
Picture +140 What's the point +138
But what is the real color of Dio? +137 *watching for the plot intensifies* +137
Honestly, they both suck. For some reason the women in Japanes… +134 "I've seen many erect dicks" … +134

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