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Picture +1091 mayweather was supposed to hug his wife and fight pacquiao but… +780
"Stuff is just things. It don't make a **** ."… +518 Fight Club style. +512
"Nah mate you just got roasted" +441 Shmengels made this gif a few months ago btw so credits … +425
Picture +419 Picture +408
The first applicant to leave is also friend of the guy at the end. +405 "sneeze volume increased by 7 decibels" good to know… +405
Picture +401 Picture +392
masterofromance.jpg +370 technically, jfk died from acute leadpoisoning +355
100-0 real quick +346 Sounds like a job for the mighty paper bag +345
You could say that Mayweather dindu nuffin +344 You can get seriously ****** legally for doing that. +328
this is exactly what happens in tf2 if two players take too lo… +322 Picture +304
So this is forcing perspective by strategically applying depth… +289 exactly, its got the raw power of 4 sharpened chopsticks but i… +288
I DEMAND A TRIAL BY COMBAT TO SETTLE THIS DISPUTE. +287 plot twist Boris is the one on the left +283
To be honest it's hard for me to fault him for having a winnin… +279 you wish +275
No man she my waifu +265 In biology this is known as a chimera, named after the Greek m… +260
a phalange is a bone in the hand +253 ask your parents. +253
Picture +251 So here's my whole take on the whole "non-binary gender&q… +248
Because It fits perfectly +247 I still think this guy is cool, but his Twitter account is sta… +242
She's right. it takes at least 2 chopstick to do fork stuff … +236 My elementary school rhyme was (to the tune of joy to the worl… +235
Picture +233 Picture +231
I'll miss that son of a bitch, he was cancer but he was our cancer. +227 Picture +222
Well, do you feel bad about having a small dick? +219 And somehow British food is still ******** +216
Picture +212 or you could... you know... shut the **** because this … +211
tfw early access +207 Nicest human being to ever exist. Still dies in the most horri… +204
plot twist: he is the schizophrenic one and made all these people up +201 Anybody who somewhat understands boxing knows that Mayweather … +200
**feindmachines used "*roll picture*"** **feindmachines rol… +199 Picture +193
legend says that man still doesnt know what to do with the cap +192 This is called a Teratoma (greek for monster tumor). … +190
Oh no, New York gets enough alien invasions as it is, thank yo… +188 SOME WHERE IN THE MATRIX +184
Picture +184 WTF OP posting the photoshops as comments to get more thumbs... +180
Picture +178 Downvoted for lack of funny. This is junk +177
**secondfunction rolled user skeletorexplains ** +175 tfw 50 and still on FJ +175
Picture +175 as always +172
The laws of physics also seem to be ******* with Timmy'… +171 Natalie pls +170
Must be hard. I bet $he'$ really $uffering. +167 Picture +166
This hasn't been posted yet? Warning: Feels. +162 Gif of a baby almost getting hit by a car +161
It's a meme, you dip +160 Picture +159
You didn't get this from me. +158 It's the fabled g raveyard +155
Picture +154 Picture +151
Picture +151 pic related +151
Whatever happened to 77? +147 Jesus **** , this tore me down. +145
I mean, it also heavily used magic, so give em some slack +143 Good god what episode of lazy town is this +143

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